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An online PNG converter is a free utility that allows you to convert images to and from PNGs for free. No need to stick with a length conversions process as a free PNG file converter does all in a few clicks.  All you need to choose files that you need to convert to png images and let this converter proceed further.

Now, give a read to this context and explore all about png format, how easily you can convert image to PNG, and much more!

What is a PNG File?

PNG is an acronym for “Portable Graphics Format”. It is indicated as the widely used uncompressed raster image format around the internet. This lossless data compression format was specifically developed to replace the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). The most appealing reason to use png images is that they come in an open format with no copyright limitations. Like GIF images, you can be able to get transparent background PNG files.

Additionally, png pictures are entirely capable of containing 24bit RGB color palettes and greyscales images. In straightforward terms, this raster file format was specifically designed to transfer images around the internet. Since it is a widely used file type, thus most people required a free PNG converter online to convert file to png format.

History of PNG:

On 28 December 1994, PNG (Portable Network Graphics Format) was created by an authorized Internet working group organized by Thomas Boutell. At that time, the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was already fully established. The most obvious reason behind creating .png file was to increase the color support and even offer an image format that didn’t need a patent license. Besides that, our free PNG file converter considers to convert photo to png file without any quality distortion.

However, the PNG image format was launched in 1995. Also, IT expert Oliver (author of popular JPEG viewer QPEG) proposed the PING name, later shortened to PNG.

What are PNG files used for?

A PNG file format is mainly used on websites for showing high-quality digital images. It is developed to entirely exceed the performance of GIF files, PNG photo is not only loaded with lossless compression but also offers a much broader and brighter color palette.  If you want to work with transparent image background, then turn existing to png with the help of our best PNG converter online.

Why PNGs Are Best?

No matter whatever the purpose behind using PNGs, your files can easily convert to png transparent with this free image converter to png.

How does PNG Converter work?

This online PNG converter is loaded with simple UI (User-Interface), no complicated steps, and a registration process required to proceed with. To save file as PNG, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Did You Know!

This free PNG converter lets you perform unlimited batch file conversions for free while keeping the quality high. Even if you want to convert screenshot to PNG, you have to follow the same steps and lets our PNG file converter do all for you.

How to Create and Edit a PNG File?

You just require Adobe Photoshop to create a .png file, the process is quite simple:

And, if you need to edit the transparency of your image:

Besides editing and creating, if you want to convert PNG files, then give a try our free online PNG format converter. 


What was the first PNG file?

A very first PNG was a draft – then known as “PBF” which is an acronym for “Portable Bitmap Format” – posted by Tom to, comp.

Can any image be converted to PNG?

You can easily convert any image to PNG format and download it with the free converter online right now.

Can a PNG be CMYK?

PNG images are packed with RGB and indexed colors along with transparency. However, PNG comes with high resolution, that’s the reason why it has no support for the CMYK color space.

What is the best PNG converter?

Get the free and even best PNG file converter by theonlineconverter that lets you convert PNG files to and from certain other file formats. And, the most appealing reason to indicate this tool is one of the best is that it preserves the original resolution in the resultant image file.

How do I convert an image to PNG?

You simply need to open the image that you want to convert into a PNG raster file by clicking on File > Open. Then, simply navigate to your image and make a click on the “Open”. Once the file is open, you ought to click on File > Save As. In the pop-up windows, you should make sure that your PNG is selected from the drop-down list of output formats, then hit the “Save” button. Apart from that, thanks to an image to png converter that quickly exports image as PNG file within a few clicks.

Does the PNG format ever support animation?

Unlike GIF files, typically PNG raster files don’t allow for animation. In 2001, the developers of PNG have been loaded with a new animation-friendly format known as the Multiple-image Network Graphic (MNG). But since GIFs remain popular animation files, MNGs became failed to gain widespread popularity.

How to Perform multiple PNG files conversion?

Our converter is 100% free for PNG batch conversions that work on any web-based browser and operating system.