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A simple, but best online PNG to BMP converter allow you to do conversions from PNG images to BMP (bitmap) files. No matter how many PNGs you need to convert to BMP, our tool always does its best!

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You just need to choose or drag and drop your PNG images and our tool converts quickly. Once done, download files one by or zip file as well.

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We highly ensure that your image files are very secure since we never upload any image files anywhere. We use an encrypted algorithm, so don’t worry about it.

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A fully free online converter that is simply designed for all users. No advanced knowledge required doing conversions, it’s really simple.

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Table of Content

Why convert .PNG files to .BMP files?

When it comes to comparing PNG image files, and BMP image files, one of the major differences is that PNG images support transparency. This is the thing that makes them ideal for web graphics, while BMP (Bitmap) file works best for digital photos as of their high quality. However, if you have PNG image files that don’t use a transparent layer; you there might prefer to convert them to a BMP image file. So, use a free PNG to BMP converter online that takes just a few seconds in the file conversion. 

How to Convert PNG to BMP Online?

Our online PNG to BMP converter lets you change PNG files to BMP files without installing any software.  Follow these given steps to turn PNG into BMP quickly:

Step 1:

  • Choose the PNG image or simple drag/drop that you wish to convert to BMP. You can be able to select more image files and convert them within no time

Step 2:

  • Right after uploading, just make a tap on a “Convert” button, and let our converter provides you the quality conversions

Step 3:

  • Once done, press a “Download” button and save your files to your desired storage


How long does it take to convert PNG to BMP?

Our PNG to BMP converter works fast; you can easily save a PNG as a BMP within a couple of seconds.

Can I convert PNG to BMP on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

You can use this PNG to Bitmap converter by theonlineconverter on any OS that has a web browser. 

What browser should I use to convert PNG to BMP?

You can use any modern browser to turn your PNG files into Bitmap raster images, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Well, PNG is referred to as the compressed image file without data lossless. On the other hand, BMP (Bitmap) is both uncompressed and lossless. But, the time comes when a conversion from PNG to BMP takes place, if happens, give a try to our online PNG to BMP converter that does its best to provide remarkable quality results.