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An online HEIC to JPG converter helps you to convert HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Codec) to regular JPG image format while preserving original quality.

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Table of Content

What is HEIC Photo?

HEIC is indicated as Apple’s proprietary of the HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format). This is referred to as the newer file type that is intended to be the best way to save your images. It even makes your photos smaller in the terms of data while retaining high quality. 

Why Convert HEIC to JPEG?

No doubt that HEIC is the relatively best new file format, which was adopted by Apple in 2017, with the swift release of iOS 2017. While this newer format is tied to the Apple ecosystem and is typically not very common on other devices. That’s the reason why people seeking for free HEIC to JPEG converter to change HEIC to JPEG regular image format.

Well, if you people are using iOS 11 or even later, then you may have noticed that the photos taken with your iPhone camera are generally saved as HEIC files rather than the previous format, JPEG. However, this iPhone photo format was introduced to provide a better compression level while still preserving the picture quality. But, if your captured .heic extension file is not compatible with any app or device, then it’s time to convert .heic into .jpeg format. 

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Online?

This online HEIC to JPG converter is free to convert Apple’s new iOS photos from HEIC to JPG without distorting the quality.

Step 1:

  • Click on the toolbox section to upload a HEIC photo that you want to convert into JPEG. Alternatively, you can be able to drag and drop, or simply add the URL of the HEIC photo file

Step 2:

  • Click on the “Convert” button to convert HEIC to JPEG image

Step 3:

  • Click on the “Download” button to save HEIC as JPEG image right now

Also, this HEIC to JPEG converter allows you to convert multiple HEIC photos to JPEG images (in batch) while keeping the quality high.


How to convert heic to jpg on windows?

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow for Apple photo to JPG conversions:

Step 1: Open your HEIC file in the Windows Photo App:

  • All you need is to make a double-click on your file stored on your computer. It by default open-up in the Windows Photo app

Step 2: Make a Click on Edit & Create

  • At the top-right corner of the window, there’s an option “Edit & Create”. Tap on that

Step3: Click on Edit

  • From the pop-up drop-down menu, you have to make a click on the first option that is “Edit”

Step 4: Click on Save a Copy:

  • If you need to make any edits to the image, get ready to proceed. You could easily rotate it, flip it, change its aspect ratio, and even add filters or simply make other adjustments. Once done, all you need to save a copy

Step 5: Choose the Location to Save Your Image:

  • The edited file will be a regular JPEG image that you could save in a separate folder from the particular HEIC file. As both images are packed in different file formats, bear in mind that the JPEG file won’t override the HEIC photo file. Also, you could save them in the same folder (if required). 

Besides that, you can be able to convert heic files to jpeg on windows by using our free HEIC to JPEG converter in a matter of seconds. 

How to convert heic to jpg on mac?

You can convert HEIC photo to JPG on Mac by using Preview:

  • Open HEIC photo in Preview
  • In the menu bar, make a click on File ➙ Export
  • Select the JPG from the format drop-down and adjust other settings (if required)

Alternatively, make use of an online universal HEIC to JPG converter through which heic convert to jpg easily regardless of the OS you’re using MAC, Windows, Linux, etc. 

How to convert heic to jpg on iPhone?

Just follow these steps to convert Apple photo to JPG format:

  • First of all, you have to open the Photos app and find the .heic file that you want to convert
  • Then, choose the file
  • Now, click on the File > Export > Export Photo
  • Then, simply choose JPG or PNG from the given Photo Kind drop-down list
  • Click on Export
  • Finally, choose the location where you want to save heic as jpg and click Export

How to download HEIC photo in JPG format?

  • First of all, you need to make a click on the HEIC image in Google Photos to preview it
  • Then, make a right-click on it and simply choose the “Save image as” option from the given menu
  • Now, you need to choose the save location on your computer and the image will be saved in JPG image format

What is the best heic viewer?

  • Apowersoft Photo Viewer (Desktop)
  • iMobie HEIC Converter
  • CopyTrans HEIC for Windows
  • Google Photos (Online)
  • Dropbox
  • XnView (Desktop)
  • HEIF Utility (Desktop)

What program opens HEIC files?

Now, the Windows 10 Photos app by default will be able to open your .heic extension files. And, if you already installed another application, which is set as default for images and you need to open in the Photos app instead, simply make a right-click on the image and choose “Open with” and choose “Photos.” That’s all!

How do I open HEIC files on Android?

Simply download and launch the Dropbox app on your Android device. Now, you ought to open the Photos folder and here you should be able to view your .heic extension photos. However, Android smart devices does not come with native HEIC support, but humble thanks to Dropbox that is capable of showing HEIC files on your device. 

How to change heic to JPG without losing quality?

The best HEIC to JPG converter by theonlineconverter ensured the top of the line conversion algorithm so that converted JPEG photos did not lose on quality. 

How to set your iPhone to stop taking HEIC photos?

Well, if dealing with HEIC photos becomes daunting for you, then you could easily stop your iPhone camera from taking HEIC photos by following these steps:

  • Simply go to Settings
  • Then, make a tap on the Camera > Formats
  • Choose the Most Compatible. Whenever you need to switch back to HEIC, you have to follow these same steps, but make a tap in the High Efficiency

If a conversion is your preference, then an online HEIC to JPEG converter is on the top of the list. 

Is HEIC better than JPG?

No doubt that HEIC is always better than JPG/JPEG in many ways, especially because of its ability to compress photos into a small file size while keeping the quality high. The sticking point is that users normally have compatibility issues to deal with .heic files as not every app and device supports HEIC. Even though it is typically used by experts, but still not accepted as commonly as the true standard, JPG or JPEG image files. But, by converting heic photos into regular JPG format with an online HEIC to JPG converter lets you use images anywhere you want!

How to send photos from your iPhone as JPG, not HEIC?

You could convert .heic to jpg when you want to share it from iPhone with these steps:

  • You have to open the Settings app
  • Click Photos
  • Then, make a scroll down to the Transfer to Mac or PC section
  • Finally, select Automatic

How to change HEIC to JPG on Mac with Automator?

Get ready to perform quick action for converting HEIC image files to JPG with Automator mac:

  • Open Automator and make a click on the New Document
  • Then, choose the Quick Action ➙ Choose
  • Now, you have to look for the Copy Finder Items action and make a double-click to include it. Then, you need to select the folder where you need the converted JPG images to be saved
  • Now, you need to search for Change Type of Images action and make a double-click to add that too. Then, simply choose the JPG in the drop-down
  • Finally, make a tap on the File➙ Save and name your Quick Action (for e:g change HIEC photo to JPG)

Thankfully, you should now account with JPEG instead of HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Coding). And, if you ever need to convert Apple native HEIC photos to JPEGs images, our online HEIC to JPG converter allows you to do so with no problems. Good Luck!