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An online PNG to TGA converter is helpful in converting PNG image files to the TGA (Targa) raster image files. Get accurate conversing from PNG to TGA as our tool preserve the quality of the original file. 

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We support you to turn PNG to TGA within a fraction of seconds, upload or (drag file and drop file) and get the quality converted file right now!

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Our advanced version of the algorithm for security concerns will ensure that your PNG to TGA conversions is fully secured; all files are deleted from our servers once you make the conversions. 

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The upside of our PNG to TGA online converter is that it is 100% free and no installation or sign-up required for single or multiple PNGs to TGA conversions.

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PNG images and TGA images are lossless; there are no compression artefacts from either format.

TGA is referred to as uncompressed (larger files), while PNG is indicated as compressed (smaller files). 

TGA comes with RGBA channels, while PNG comes with the RGBA, but the alpha channel is either stored as a separate channel such as TGA or as a transparency amount.

TGA is an acronym for “Truevision Graphics Adapter”, and sometimes also referred to as TARGA “Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter.” You can see that TGA image file format widely used for image synthesis and video editing. If your graphic works preferences TGA file format and you have PNG’s, then this PNG to TGA converter online is for you that will turn PNG into TGA efficiently. 

How to Convert PNG to TGA Online?

It doesn’t matter at all whether you require converting single or multiple PNG image files to TGA files, this online PNG to TGA converter does all precisely. 

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag and drop your PNGs that you desire to convert into TARGA file format

Step 2:

  • Calm down and wait for the file uploading process for a couple of seconds, then press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Now, your quality TARGA (TGA) image files are ready to download, press “Download” and save PNG as TGA


How long does it take to convert PNG to TGA?

Most online tools require installation and complicated steps to change PNG to TGA files, but thanks to our online PNG to TGA converter that provides you with instant and quality conversions!

Can I convert PNG to TGA on Mac OS or Linux?

Whatever browser you’re using on, our free PNG to TGA online converter supports all OS that has a web browser.