PNG To AI Converter

PNG To AI Converter

An online PNG to AI converter is available for free conversions from PNG raster image format to AI vector image format. This tool lets you turn PNG into AI from your computer and other smart devices!

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Rapid Conversions

This converter lets you do conversion very fast; here you can be able to upload as many files to convert from PNG to AI within no time.

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File Protection

We know that file protection is your first choice, even you people can compromise on quality, but never ever on files security, and thus we deleted your files after the process completed.

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Fully Free

We here offer you a free online converter that enables you to convert PNG raster images into higher quality vector images AI (Adobe Illustrator).

Why convert PNG to AI?

A PNG raster image referred to as a high-quality file type that loses resolution only when it’s time to edit it. Unfortunately, when it comes to editing it extensively, it requires to be switched into a more manageable image file type. No doubt that there are numerous image extensions that let you for further editing, but AI (Adobe Illustrator) is a lot more complex. Another reason behind PNG to AI conversions is that if you need to share the image file with others without sacrificing the resultant image quality. 

How to Convert PNG to AI?

Convert PNG images to AI images by using online PNG to AI converter without signing up and registration process. Just focus on the given steps:

Step 1:

  • Use the drag and drop option, or simply upload (to select and add PNG file from the device storage)

Step 2:

  • Let the tool provides you the quality conversions by clicking the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Press “Download” to get your PNG file


How to Convert PNG to AI on Illustrator?

Yes, Adobe Illustrator allows you to convert a PNG image to more functioning AI image file types. Here you come to know how to convert inside illustrator:

  • Using illustrator, you have to open the PNG image file that you wish to convert
  • Choose the “Object” then “Image Trace” then “Make”
  • Now, the PNG image will be editable within illustrator and even can be saved as AI

How to convert multiple PNG images to AI images?

There’s no need to seek any other way to convert multiple PNGs to AI’s as our convert do all for you without affecting the image quality. 

Typically, PNG is not indicated as the final state of an image file. Instead, you will have to convert it to a more manageable image file type and one such type is the AI file extension. So, if you consistently work with artwork, designing, etc then AI vector images are the best option. You can convert PNG images to AI vector images with our best online PNG to AI converter when you can use for free without any limitations.