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Please read carefully these Terms of Use carefully before start using theonlinconverter.com (website).

Well, by accessing and using theonlineconverter.com service, you confirm that you people are in agreement with and even bound by the terms and conditions contained here-in the Terms of Service section below.

Remember that these all terms apply to the entire website (theonlineconverter.com) and any API usage. Theonlineconverter.com by EclixTech may choose to correct or amend these Terms of Use at any time. If there are some changes occur, don’t fret as we’ll clearly mention them at the top of the Term of Service page with the date of modification.

Allowed Usage

Don’t be evil and do bad things with the services provided by theonlineconverter.com.

  • This service offers different functionality to convert and also modify files of different file formats. Remember that our service is provided through the web interface, API, and mobile applications. You entirely agree to comply with the policies and limitations concerning the use of the website (theonlineconverter.com) service, including, without limitation, the maximum consumed time ("conversion minutes") of file conversion done via the service, the maximum number of files that a user may upload through the service, and also the maximum size of the files that a user may convert through the service. Keep in mind that you agree not to bypass these policies by any means (for instance, creating multiple accounts).

Entire Agreement

These all terms of use form the entire understanding between you and us according to your entire use of our website (theonlineconverter)

Termination/Access Restriction:

We reserve the full right to terminate your access to theonlineconverter.com and all the related services or any specific portion of it at any time, without notice.

As a condition of your use of this conversion

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use:

As a condition of your use of this conversion service website, you warrant that you will not use this site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms of use.

Copyright Policy:

Don’t use our service and even also intellectual property for any form of infringement. Remember that you people are responsible only for the data (e:g., files, URLs) that you to theonlineconverter service. Don’t fret since theonlineconverter does not monitor customer content. You ought to remember that illicit exchanges of recordings and even the protected intellectual harm artistic creation. And please respect all the laws in force, especially those concerning intellectual as well as artistic property.

Privacy Policy:

Your Privacy is immensely important to us!

All Terms of Service of our website incorporate the Privacy Policy.

No doubt that when you use our website services, you people provide us with your files. Remember that your files are yours. These Terms don’t give us any kind of rights to your Files except for the limited rights that allow us to offer the legitimate Services.

Use of The Application:

According to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, theonlineconverter grants you a limited non-exclusive license to install the Converter App and also use the functionality of the Application that subject to all restrictions and the License stipulated by or provided in the given Agreement of service. Remember that the conversion Service and/or a separate written agreement between You (user) and Theonlineconverter.com (website).

The entire terms of this Agreement apply to the all Service and even to each and every component of the Conversion Service and to User documentation, with the exception of third-party technologies included in the Converter App. All you need to bear in mind that such third-party technologies are governed by their own licenses. Also remember that any controversies or disputes regarding the scope of the License shall be settled completely in favor of limiting the scope of the License.

Term: keep in mind that the use of the app may be restricted by a term. You may not be able to use the App or Service after such term expires.

Scope of Software License and Service:

Theonlineconverter grant you a personal, worldwide, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use our products (app, website). Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, you are permitted to install, use, display or run Our App (Software) or use Our Service on your smart mobile end-device, but that’s no limited to smart phone, tablet, scanner, or personal computer (PC) as well as other computer system (“end-device”) for non-commercial purposes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Remember that the terms and conditions are legitimately governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Pakistan and also you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State or location.

  • The parties entirely understand and agree to abide by the special regulations that applicable to certain nations/regions.
  • When you browse our website or use our applications, you agree that you (and your act of browsing and using) our services will be regulated by our state laws and even also you consent to jurisdiction of the state court. The parties agree that any type of service or product relevant dispute should be first of all resolved through negotiation, failing which, it is to be submitted to the competent court

Modifications (Services and Products)

Theonlineconverter.com may revise these mentioned terms of service for its services (website) products (applications) at any time without any notice. Till now you agree with the current version of these terms of service by theonlineconverter.com.


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You fully agree that no information or advice provided by us constitutes medical, legal, or financial advice or also the advice of any other regulated industry and never ever rely exclusively on any such information or advice. In short, the information that is provided on our website is used for general information purposes only.

Remember that we have no control over the information accessed through links from “theonlineconverter.com”. You people use links at your own risk.

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