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This online PDF merger helps to merge (combine) multiple PDF files into a single PDF document file for free while maintaining original format. Our PDF joiner quickly merge two or more PDFs at once even they may have different sizes and page counts. 

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Our online PDF combiner helps you combine PDF files in the order you want within a couple of seconds, just upload multiple PDFs to get a single PDF file.

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All PDF files that pass through this PDF merger online are fully protected and safe, all the processed files will be permanently deleted once combined PDF. 

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No need to update software, or deal with any installation since this PDF combiner online is the best solution for combining two or more files for free. 

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When you adding multiple Adobe PDF files together into our free PDF merger, you should have to maintain the size and orientation of all the pages within the original PDFs. However, our PDF joiner does not at all prevents you from making alterations (editing) to the uploaded document files, if required, such as simply changing the order of the pages of your PDF. Well, before or after merging PDF files, you can use our free PDF splitter to remove any pages within your documents that you don’t require in the resultant PDF. 

Keep reading to know how to combine pdfs online, but before you should few common benefits of PDF merging. 

Benefits of Merging PDF Files:

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Easier to Share Data and Documents:

When you’re dealing with a lot of PDF documents on daily basis, it’s best to merge PDF files into a single PDF format file. Assume that you are an editor and receiving multiple PDFs for your writers’ article in a day. Instead of attaching several document files in your email to the team, you just simply have to merge them to make a single organized PDF document file and send it instantly. It is referred to as the easiest way for managing multiple PDF files. You would not need to attach multiple PDFs individually or send separate emails. Combining PDF files in a single file is no more complicated, our PDF merger does it all for you in seconds. 

Efficient Document Management:

Once you combine PDFs into one file, it assists you to manage your files more efficiently. For instance, if you are a team lead of HR (Human Resources) department and you require to combine all the Internal Memorandum for the month, there’s no need to make a folder and save all the documents memos. Obviously, it will consume lots of space on the computer. So, the ideal way is to simply convert all the memos to multiple PDF files, once done, then combine them with the assistance of a free PDF combiner. 

Faster Printing of Documents:

Merge PDFs into one file is indicated as the best way to prepare it for future printing. However, if your Adobe PDF documents are saved individually, it is clear that it consumes more of your time printing it. When you combined PDF into a single PDF document file, it becomes handy to print them. This means, you just have to open the document file, make a click on Print, and just wait for the documents in the printer. In short, merging PDF will give you more time for more valuable tasks. Additionally, pdf merge online is now in your handy since we designed this free and best PDF merger for you!

Save System Space:

Yes, it is really simple Math. Saving multiple PDFs takes more space than just a single file. Since Adobe PDFs come with the permanent feature, they are not always indicated as plain documents. Also, PDF files are composed of graphs, images, tables, etc. Hence, every single PDF document file is taking up room on your system. If you combine multiple pdfs in one file, it obviously saves you some storage. So, use an online PDF combiner online that helps to combine pdfs into one pdf without disturbing the layout of the document.

How to Merge Pdf Files Online?

Here you come to know how our online PDF merger helps you to combine pdf files free, let’s take a look:

Step 1:

  • Drag and drop or upload two or more PDFs into PDF Joiner 

Step 2:

  • Once PDF files are uploaded, click “Merge PDF”

Step 3:

  • Your merged PDF document file is ready to download, click “Download” and save it on your system storage


How to combine pdf files on Windows?

PDF-Xchanger editor does it for you within few steps, let’s find:

  • You have to choose File > New Document
  • Then, simply choose the option to Combine File into a Single PDF. There you can see that a file-list box will open
  • Now, you have to drag & drop the files that you want to combine into a single PDF
  • You can be able to add Adobe PDF files, or any combination of text, images, MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to the list

Remember that our online free PDF combiner only helps you to combine multiple PDF files including all pages into a single document file. 

How to merge two pdf files on Mac?

These are the simple steps through which you can merge two or more PDFs on Mac:

  • Start by downloading the PDF Reader Mac version and launch the app
  • Now, in the manage mode, you have to make a click on the “Tool” menu from the given top menu bar
  • Now, you have to choose the Merge option
  • Very next, you need to select the PDF files that you want to merge
  • You can be able to change the order by simply dragging the file and then simply click “Merge”
  • Finally, it’s time to choose a destination folder to save the merged PDF file

Alternatively, you can use Page Editor:

  • First, you have to open an Adobe PDF document that you require to combine in PDF Reader
  • Now, make a click on the Page Edit icon on the toolbar to simply view the PDF in thumbnails
  • Then, you have to choose the “Append” option
  • Right after, simply choose one or more PDF files that you want to add to the current PDF, which you’re using
  • Finally, Press the “Append” icon to simply add selected files to the existing one

How to merge pdf files in Foxit Reader?

Join PDF in Foxit Reader with these steps:

  • Inside Foxit PDF Editor, move to the options “File > Create >Combine Files” to simply open the combine dialogue box
  • Then, click on the “Add Files” button to simply choose one of the given options: “Add Files, Add Folders or Add Open Files” to choose few files that you required to combine them
  • Finally, make a click on Combine to complete the task

Can I merge PDF on a Mac, Linux, Windows or Smartphone?

Our PDF files merger is a web browser-based service that you work for all operating systems “Mac, Windows, and Linux” and even precisely assist in merging on all smart devices “mobile, tab, etc.”

Yes, it’s Time to Merge:

Now, we cannot reiterate it enough more! Combining PDF files are something that is referred to as an easier way to share your documents – merging PDF makes your document management more efficient; it provides you with options from faster printing to saving system and more. So, whenever you would prefer to merging PDFs and their elements, then our free PDF merger online is the right way to go!

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