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An online PNG to WEBP converter is specifically created to convert PNG image to WEBP (Web Picture) format by Google. It supports batch PNG into WEBP conversions.

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Swift PNG to WebP Conversion

Three handy steps require through which you can swiftly convert PNG file to WEBP file: upload, convert, and download your WEBP.

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Save PNG as WEBP Securely

No need to worry while converting your PNG image files into WEBP Google extension as we care about your image privacy and auto-deletion happens after conversion.

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PNG file to WEBP For Free

This online converter does image conversions for free and will never compromise on the quality of the image while transforming .PNG into .Webp

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Why Convert PNG to WEBP?

When it comes to uploading images to a website, it’s ideal to use efficiently sized photos. By doing so, your website loads quickly both on mobile and desktop. You should have to compress image files as much as possible, but it may lead to losing overall quality and even makes your images pixelated. So, what if you have bulk PNG images and you require to make them smaller for your website, but preserve the quality? All you need to change PNG file to WEBP! Our free PNG to WEBP converter is the best choice to do so without compromising the quality. WEBP is a well-known image format that is specifically designed to make websites run efficiently, smoothly, and maintain good image quality. 

How to Convert PNG to WEBP Online?

You can convert PNG (Portable Network Graphics) single or multiple files to WEBP image files by using PNG to WEBP converter online. Let’s find how:

Step 1:

  • Click on the upload area or drag & drop PNG image file on the same box

Step 2:

  • Once the image is fully uploaded, press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Finally, your uploaded PNG is converted to WEBP, click “Download” and save it


Is WebP better than PNG?

WEBP (WebPicture) has the following benefits of over PNG raster image:

  • WEBP images provide 26% smaller file sizes than PNG images while still providing transparency and preserving the same quality
  • Because of the small file size, WEBP is loads faster than PNG images

How to open WebP images?

WEBP images by Google can viewable with Chrome. Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge. There are different graphics editors that can assist to open and save Google WebP image files, such as Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, mage Magick, and IrfanView. Remember that Microsoft Photos does not at all recognized image files with a .webp extension. 

Well, our online PNG to WEBP converter is supported by all operating systems (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and even perform best conversions on all devices that come with internet-browser.