WEBP To PNG Converter

WEBP To PNG Converter

An online WEBP to PNG converter will quickly convert WEBP “Google Web Picture” files to PNG image files. No installation required to turn WEBP image into PNG with this converter. 

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Instant Conversions

Our reliable converter supports fast WEBP file to PNG conversion, just add WEBP images right now and get quality converted PNG images. 

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Secure Conversions

We attach great importance to user’s privacy and files security, we ensure you that your files will not be disclosed and used by others and deleted permanently. 

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Fully Free

This WEBP to PNG online converter will let you turn WEBP into PNG free of cost, it makes quality PNG from the given WEBP image file. 



WEBP is well-known image file format that comes with both lossless and lossy compression image data. A .WEBP developed by Google, which is highly capable of reducing image file size up to 26% smaller than other image formats while retaining high-quality. 


PNG is an acronym for “Portable Network Graphic”, it is a raster image file type that used to provides a clear background or a partially transparent image, that’s the reason why people use PNG images primarily for websites. If PNG is your preference for your web business, then make use of our free WEBP to PNG converter online to convert Google WEBP image format to PNG raster image. 

Why Convert WEBP to PNG?

No doubt, WEBP image files are small, efficient, and even makes your websites run faster, but they not at all fully supported by even platform and software type. While, PNG images are a much more compatible file type, and the upside is that they come with transparent backgrounds. This is the thing that makes PNGs ideal for web graphics. Well, if you have Google WEBP files, but you facing difficulty using them, simply transform them into PNG files instead. You could use an online WEBP to PNG converter that provides you with speedy conversion from WEBP images to PNGs. 

How to Convert WEBP to PNG Online?

Our free WEBP to PNG converter online supports you to transform your WBEP image files into PNG image files. Convert as many WEBP’s to PNGs as you want by following these simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload or directly drag & drop WEBP file that you want to turn into PNG

Step 2:

  • Wait for a couple of seconds until the file is uploaded, then press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Once the WEBP is converted, click on the “Download” icon to save WEBP as a PNG


How to Convert WebP to PNG on Windows?

You can easily change WEBP to PNG on windows through MS Paint, let’s find out:

  • First of all, you just have to open the WebP file in paint
  • Very next, just go to the File and Save as. Under the type, you just have to choose PNG, then make a click on “Save”

How to convert Webp to PNG on Mac?

  • Simply, Open your WEBP image by using Preview app on your Mac “that’s built-in”
  • Now, in the menu bar that is in the “top left corner” make a tap on File > Duplicate or make “keyboard shortcut command + shift + S”
  • Then, you have to close the duplicate image to save it in a new format “make keyboard shortcut command + W”
  • Now, you have to choose the image format “PNG” from the drop-down
  • Finally, click save right now to save WEBP as PNG

Technically, Google WEBP image format has a few issues, which prevent it from becoming the leading Web image format yet. So for ease, use our online WEBP to PNG converter to transform WEBP image files into PNG images without any problem.