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This WEBP to PNG converter is mainly functions to convert WEBP to PNG image for free while preserving the original quality of the image. It allows you to convert your WebP file to PNG on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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WEBPWEBP Converter

WebP Image Format

WEBP is an image file saved in the WebP pronounced as “weepy”, it is a raster image format developed by Google web graphics. You can save .webp files either with lossless or lossy compression. This indicates that you can now either compress images without any data loss or even with losing only non-essential data information. Experts by Google depicted that lossless WebP images can be up to 26% smaller as compared to PNGs.

PNGPNG Converter

Portable Network Graphic

PNG is a raster type of image that is particularly popular with web designers as it is capable to handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds. This image file format is not at all patented, this means that PNG can be accessible by using any image editing software without the need for licensing. In addition to that its 24-bit RGB and 32-bit RGBA indexing makes it leading format for web graphics and digital images.

How to Convert WEBP to PNG Online?


⬆ Upload WebP Files

Select WebP images from Computer, add URL or just drag and drop it on the box


🔁 Convert WebP Files

Click a Convert button


⬇ Download PNG Files

Your newly converted PNG files are ready to download

Converting Google WebP pictures to PNG raster files is not a longer issue as all you need to follow the above steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to bulk convert webp to png?

This WebP to PNG converter efficiently converts multiple Webp files to PNG images while preserving the original image quality.

How to convert webp file to png on mac?

  • Open WebP file in the Preview
  • Click on File > Export
  • Select PNG from drop-down and save your file

Besides that, if your webp picture consists of a transparent background and you need to keep it the same, then you should have to check the “Alpha” option prior to saving.

How to change webp to png using Paint?

  • Open the WebP image file in Paint
  • Go to File and Save as
  • From the format type, choose PNG
  • Click Save

Technically, Google WEBP image format has a few issues that prevent it from becoming the leading Web image format yet. But thanks to this WebP to PNG converter that provides you the ease of converting WebP file into a more regular image format like PNG.