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An online PNG to GIF converter allows you to turn PNG images into GIF image files within seconds. Now, you can save a PNG as a GIF within steps.

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Table of Content

Why Convert PNG to GIF?

The thing that is common in PNG files and Gif files is the transparent backgrounds for a start. The upside of the GIF image format is that the file sizes tend to much smaller as the colors are more compressed. People often thing of GIF’s as being just animated image, but the static GIFs are useful image file types too. If you have a PNG image file and need to retain the background transparency, then try our online PNG to GIF converter that do all for you. However, it won’t be animated GIF, but you will simply end up with a compressed image that is perfect for uploading and sharing on the web. 

Retaining 100% of the Original Image Quality:

The converter for PNG to GIF is the simple, but best way to change PNG files to GIFs with high quality and retains the properties in a single attempt. And, even it keeps the compression number of your PNG file until it is loaded into the converter. Remember that once your export a file to GIF, the accuracy of the image is maintained. 

How to Convert PNG to GIF Online?

The free PNG to GIF converter online has the capability of converting .PNG to .GIF files; it allow you to do particular conversions within three simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Choose PNG file that you need to convert into GIF, or drop them into the drag & drop section. If you have more than one PNG files, then add here now!

Step 2:

  • Click a “Convert” button right now and let the tool provides you the quality conversions for respective formats

Step 3:

  • It’s time to tap on a “Download” button and save GIF’s individually and even also in a zip file


How do I save a PNG as a GIF in Photoshop?

  • First of all, you need to open or create an image, which contains transparency and then choose File > Save For Web
  • In the Save for Web dialogue box, you ought to choose GIF, PNG‑8, or PNG‑24 as the optimization format

How to convert png to gif in windows 10?

  1. First, make a right-click on your PNG image file and choose Edit option. You can see that this will open the image inside Windows Paint
  2. Now, you have to choose File > Save As and then Other formats
  3. Then, you need to navigate to a file location where you ought to save your converted image files
  4. Very next, from the Save as type drop-down menu and choose GIF (*.gif) and then Save
  5. Once your GIF file is saved, you ought to locate it, and then simply mouse over the file to verify successful conversions

No doubt, creating a GIF from PNG has never been so easy task, it’s obviously includes some expertise. But, thanks to a PNG to GIF converter that is designed with simple interface through which you can easily turn PNG into GIF files.