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An online GIF to MP4 converter is used to convert static and animated GIF images to MP4 (MPEG4) video file format. Get playback GIF files anywhere you want by simply converting them to MPEG-4 files. 

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Why Convert Gif to Video (MP4)?

Simply, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a well-known file type that has animated as well as static images. You can see that Gif images are widely used these days for fun and expressing emotions. As .gif is an image format, there are different video players and applications that might not support playing this file type. Moreover, if resizing and editing is your preference, then it is not possible with GIF images. No matter whatever the reason behind that, converting Gif image into MP4 is indicated as a workable solution. Get our free, but best Gif to video converter that turn GIF into video MP4 format.

How to Convert Gif to MP4 Online?

Get a use of our online GIF to MP4 converter and save your time of converting single or multiple GIF files into MP4 videos. The process is so simple, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Enter URL, drag & drop, or just upload GIF file that you wish to change into MP4

Step 2:

  • Hit a “Convert” button to convert Gif file to MP4

Step 3:

  • Press a “Download” button and then save GIF as MP4 video file on your desired location


How can one convert animated GIF video to MP4 Photoshop?

  • At first, run Photoshop (PS) software without opening your video file
  • Now, simply navigate to File →Import →Video Frames to Layers
  • From the drop-down, you ought to make a tick on the “Make Frame Animation” check box
  • Then, simply choose a specified range of video importing every 2nd, 3rd, 4th…and more frame
  • Finally, save the output file and enjoy the animated GIF in MP4 format

Also, if you have multiple animated GIFs and want to convert them into MP4 instantly, then stick with our free version of Gif to MP4 converter.

How to remove GIF to MP4 loop on Photoshop?

  • To start, you have to run your video file in Photoshop (PS)
  • Now, you need to select the image file and make a tap on the Save for Web image
  • You ought to search whether your Animation icon that is at the lower part of the save dialogue box has changed to another color from grey
  • Finally, you have to set your looping count and make a click the Preview menu button for animation. Then, hit the save button

How to convert gif to mp4 on iPhone?

Well, you just need to navigate to our online free Gif to Mp4 converter by using your iPhone to convert Gif animated or static image files to Mp4. Even this converter provides you with precise conversions on Android and Mac devices and even supports all Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) etc.

How to convert gif to mp4 with VLC?

  • Simply download and install the VLC media player instantly
  • Launch VLC player
  • The media menu is ready (click on it), and just select the Convert / Save option from the given menu
  • Very next, simply move to the File window, click on the + Add through which you can choose the GIFs that you wish to convert from your device
  • Once files are added, you will get a pop-up box named as “Convert”, now you just need to fill in the Target File by choosing your destination folder and the name of the converted file
  • Simply tap on the Profile and begin scrolling via options to select your desired format MP4 (MPEG-4) from the given list
  • Now, you can optimize your profiles with the given options to optimize the codec, resolution, and framerate for the specific devices
  • Next, you can choose the filters to enhance the audio or videos
  • Simply add a watermark or logo (if required)
  • Then, make a click on the “Start” to commence your file conversion. With this, you can convert GIF to video for Android, iPhone, Windows, or any other device
  • Once the video file is converted, you can see that it is automatically saved to the designated folder. Then, move to the folder and open it to simply view it

No doubt these mentioned steps are daunting and somehow time taking, for your convenience an online GIF to video converter is the easiest option. 

How to convert Gif into Video Mp4 using HandBrake?

  • Download Handbrake
  • Install it and then launch
  • Once you opened this program, make a tap on Source and swiftly choose Open File from the provided drop-down list
  • Now, you ought to Browse to fetch the file destination, then tap “Save”
  • Once done, simply get back to the HandBrake window, then review the option that you selected and make a click on Start
  • Once the conversion is completed, it can easily be played on Chrome or you simply have to download it to play on any video player, tablet, or phone

No doubt that web users have innumerable choices in order to choose conversion software. However, our online GIF to MP4 converter is suitable for converting single of more GIFs to MP4 without affecting the resolution.