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This online PDF to Word converter helps to convert Adobe PDF File to editable Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX). Turn a PDF into a Word Doc that is easy to edit and update. 

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Just a simple drag & drop of PDF files into this DOC to PDF converter will allow you to convert from PDF to Word within seconds. No registration or sign-up is required for proceeding. 

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Feel hassle-free to turn PDF into Word file as we don’t store the information on file. Once processed, your uploaded PDFs and converted Word files are deleted permanently. 

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Get the free quality Adobe PDF to MS Word file conversion. When the pdf file convert to word with this DOCX to PDF converter, the document formatting transfers too.

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The Layout is Preserved While Converting PDF to DOCX/DOC:

When you converting pdf to word with this pdf to MS word converter, the layout of your PDF is fully preserved. Our online converter ensures that the format and even also the position of all the components within the pages of your file remain intact. Our PDF to Docx converter ensures that your work and information stay safe. 

Why Convert PDF to Word?

A PDF is referred to as a snapshot of a document, which entirely assures users that the content and even also the format of the file remain unchanged since it is transferred. Well, converting Portable Document Format (PDF) files to Microsoft Word format requires the undoing of the fixed format of a file. You could use our free PDF to Word converter online to attain the service of converting your PDF into Word document without affecting the quality. The reasons behind such conversion are:

Edit a Document File:

The undeniable reason behind converting PDF to MS Word is that users can be able to directly edit the text. Remember that this editing factor is not at all possible with an online PDF editor, you have to use PDF to Doc converter that efficiently converts Adobe PDF into an editable Doc file. When you convert PDF file to Word document successfully, then it becomes easy to make edits using Word or similar software. 

Unavailability of PDF Reader:

No doubt that PDF files can be easily viewed in the free Adobe Reader program. But, if your computer does not have the installed program or there are other compatibility issues, a PDF document cannot be read. So, make use of a PDF to Docx converter online to convert PDF to Word document and make it accessible to the recipient.

Screen Readers:

Remember that screen-reading tools for the blind are not always compatible with Adobe PDF format, while MS Word document format can read easily.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online?

You can convert PDF file to Doc as well as the latest .docx format by using this free PDF to Word converter online. The upside is that this online converter supports batch PDF files to Word documents conversions without distorting the formatting. Now, pdf convert to word by following the given steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload a PDF file from computer: simply choose the PDF file to convert to Word online directly, or make drag-and-drop of PDF into a designated convert PDF file to Word field

Step 2:

  • Keep calm and wait for uploading, once uploaded, press the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Once your Adobe PDF file has been converted to an MS Word file, you can be able to access your newly generated editable Word document by downloading it. Finally, save PDF as Word on your preferred storage

Note: Our online pdf to ms word converter lets you convert scanned pdf to word while maintaining the formatting of the resultant file. When you change PDF files into editable Word documents through a scanned file via this converter, every page of the PDF files will be turned accurately. 


How to convert pdf to word on mac?

You can easily convert pdf to ms word doc or Docx with the free assistance of an online PDF to doc converter. Also, you could do so via Mac Preview, let’s explore:

  • Make a right-click on your Adobe PDF file, then go to Open With, and simply choose Preview
  • Now, you have to choose the text that you want to copy and simply hit the Command‐C
  • Then, you have to navigate to pages or MS Word on Mac and just paste the text into the document with Command‐V
  • Finally, it’s time to save the file as DOC or DOCX by File > Export To > Word, if you use Pages

How to change PDF to Word on iPhone or Android?

You just have to open a free PDF to Word converter by theonlineconverter on your iPhone or Android mobile or any device, upload single or multiple PDF files and get the preserving quality converted Doc or Docx files.

How to convert PDF file to Word document with Adobe Acrobat?

You can convert PDF into Word with Adobe Acrobat, let’s find:

  • First, you have to open an Adobe PDF file in Acrobat
  • Make a click on the Export PDF tool that you can see in the right pane
  • Very next, you have to choose MS Word as your export format, and then simply make a tap on Word Document
  • Now, it’s time to tap on “Export”. You can see that Acrobat will run text recognition automatically if your PDF file is packed with scanned text
  • Now, choose a location where you want to save PDF as Word, name your new Microsoft Word document file, and then make a click on “save”

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, simply add a PDF file into our online Adobe PDF to Word file converter to get Word (Doc or Docx) file within an instant

How to edit a PDF in Word?

If you need to edit an Adobe PDF, all you need to open it in MS word. The given steps work efficiently if your PDFs contain mostly text. 

  • Simply go to File > Open
  • Now, you have to find the PDF file and open it
  • You can see that Word clearly indicates that it's going to make a copy of the PDF and simply convert its contents into a format that Word can easily display. Remember that the original Adobe PDF file won’t be changed at all. Just Choose OK

Yes, every day you need to turn PDF into Word to make the process handy! So, use our online PDF to Word converter to transform PDF Adobe files to Word Document. Once PDF is converted to Word, start editing the file or extract the data that need further modifications. 

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