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A simple, but best online PNG to PSD converter is helps you in converting a PNG image to PSD file format within a matter of seconds. 

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Converting PNG to PSD is not as complicated as you seem; our converter is the fast way to turn PNG into PSD within a blink of eyes. 

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We understand your privacy concerns, your PNG image files and converted Adobe PSD files are fully secured since we remove all files after conversions.

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This converter online is easy to use and 100% free, also you can do as many quality conversions as you want with this converter.

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Table of Content

Why Convert PNG to PSD?

Remember that the PNG’s cannot store multiple images in one file, while the Adobe PSD enables layered images. This lets you do editing for multiple images in a single file. Also, for professional Photoshop users, a remarkable understanding of the different tools makes working with a PSD image at your fingertips. So, there if you need to change the PNG image to PSD, then an online PNG to PSD converter is the right choice for you. The PNG is said to be similar to a lot of image file types in that it requires to be edited in order to be part of publications. This all because the things like websites load slowly if bogged down by large image sizes. 

When it comes to whether to convert, you should have to evaluate different factors like who’s going to use files, what are their needs for sharing, and even what are their preferred software tools. These factors are highly crucial because the image file is convenient to someone if they are able to use it. For instance, if you send a PNG file to a client who strictly uses Photoshop, the process will become handy if the image file is in Adobe PSD format. So, thanks to theonlineconverter that designed a free converter to turn your PNG image into PSD files.

How to Convert PNG to PSD Online?

The conversion for PNG to PSD is only three steps away by using this free PNG to PSD converter online:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag/drop single or multiple PNGs into the designated box of this converter

Step 2:

  • Press a “Convert” button and wait until the tool provides you the quality PSDs

Step 3:

  • Press a “Download” tab to save your converted PSD file


Can you convert a PNG to PSD with layers?

It’s highly impractical to open a PNG image inside Photoshop because of the layers of PSD. The image would not show up correctly that’s the reason why it becomes impossible to open a PNG to a PSD from inside the Photoshop program. In order to convert PNG files to PSD files, we prefer to use a browser-based online PNG to PSD converter.

Can I convert PNG to PSD on Mac OS or Linux?

You can be able to save a PNG as a PSD with our converter, which supports any operating system that comes with a web browser. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are catering to another user’s preference or simply strengthening editing capabilities, a Photoshop PSD format generally makes the most sense to use. When a PNG image file falls short, you ought to consider the Photoshop-based alternative like PSD.