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An online JPG to PPT converter provides you with a reliable and legitimate way to convert your JPEG images to PPT files without diminishing the quality of the image.

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Our online image to ppt converter provides you the quickest way to convert your images to ppt files instantly with just the blink of eyes.

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This converter ensures maximum privacy of your files and never lets third party access your files before and after the conversion.

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Our JPEG to PPT converter is 100 % free and allows you to convert jpg to ppt unlimitedly without getting registered.

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Why Convert JPEG to PPTX?

JPEG is an image format standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Groups that is saved by using lossy compression. It is a compressed image format used to save and transmit photographic images. While a PPTX file is an editable presentation that contains formatted text, images, movie clips, audio, etc. Well, there are many reasons why you people need to convert image to PowerPoint, the most obvious one being when you need to create a presentation from images. So, export one or even multiple JPG or JPEG images into a pptx format with the free JPG to PPT converter online. Once you converted pictures into pptx format, you will be able to make editing according to your preferences. 

How to Convert JPG To PPT Online?

Our online JPEG to PPT converter enables you to convert JPG to PowerPoint conveniently and accurately with a few simple steps. 

Let's check out the steps:

Step 1:

  • The first step is to upload or drag the image file in the toolbox window to convert it into PPT. You can also add multiple images at once in our JPG to PPT converter.   

Step 2:

  • Press the convert button and wait until it converts photos to ppt.

Step 3:

  • Click on the download button and save your converted ppt file on your device storage.

You can find that this image to PPT converter enables you to store (merge) multiple images into a single editable PowerPoint slides for free. 


Can I convert a JPG to PowerPoint?

You can easily convert a JPEG to Powerpoint by using our free online JPG to PPTX converter in no time.

Why are images blurry in PowerPoint?

When you add an image to the PowerPoint then it automatically compresses the images resulting in them becoming blurred and it will keep doing that until you will not stop it. But don't worry, our JPG to PPT converter retains the original quality of the image and lets you have a clear image in the ppt file. 

How do you improve image quality in PowerPoint?

To improve the quality of the image from the file tab choose the advanced option and after that under the image size and quality select the high fidelity in the default resolution list. In this way, you can change the quality of the image after converting the image to ppt through a converter. Because some photo to powerpoint converters may not focus on the quality of the image but our image to PPT converter does.

How to convert JPG to PPT on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

You can do that with the help of our online JPEG to PPTX converter because it is 100 % compatible with all the operating systems and as well as with all smart devices.

How to Convert Image to Powerpoint with Adobe Acrobat DC?

Follow these steps to convert img to ppt:

  • Start Adobe Acrobat DC on  Mac or Windows
  • Go to Tools, generate PDF, import your JPEG file, and click on create
  • When your file is opened, then go to tools>Enhance Scans>Recognize Text>In this file>Recognize Text. Click Recognized Text to revise the OCR errors
  • Go to Tools>Export PDF>Microsoft Powerpoint and save your files as ppt

How to Convert Multiple Images to Slides?

Follow these steps to convert photos to ppt slides with Microsoft Powerpoint:

  • Start Microsoft PowerPoint and click insert>New Photo Album.
  • Click insert picture from File/Desk and choose the pictures.
  • Now you can change the order of the pictures according to your need.
  • After all of that click on create and you will have your slide. 

Instead of doing all of that you can easily do that with the help of our JPG to PPT converter with a couple of clicks. 


Many ways are available to convert images to PPT slides. Our free online image to powerpoint converter not only provides unlimited batch conversions but also has an additional option to merge the images in a single file or convert each image separately.