Privacy Policy is a product by EclixTech that is highly committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentially of its user’s information. You should have to read this Privacy Policy carefully to entirely understand what we do! We do our best to meet our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The services by theonlineconverter can only exist if our audiences can be sure that their data is safe. That’s the major reason why privacy does matter for us. Read on further to know how this site handles your data!

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and even also other terms stated below at any time by If we make any changes regarding our Privacy Policy, we will clearly indicate that’s all at the top of this page with the date of modification. However, we recommended you check our Privacy Policy periodically (time-to-time) to stay up-to-date with different parameters.

Well, if you people do not agree to the Privacy Policy and the other terms stated below by, please do not use our services and contact us about your concerns.


Remember that by accessing this website ( you agree with the information and Data handles as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. However, our services are only intended for a general audience and not at targeted children.

What We Collect?

In short, we do not collect any type of data from your uploaded and downloaded files. Even does not read or collect file content, metadata, or any type of data from your uploaded files. For statistical purposes, we (theonlineconverter) collect the number of converted files, error logs (the number of errors), and just the total file size of all your conversions to provide suitable outcomes.

If you contact us through an email address, we use it just to communicate with you according to your suggestion settings.

How Handle Your Files?

Remember that we do not look at your files and even do not make any copies.

When it comes to providing the instant conversion service, your files are transferred to and just temporarily stored on theonlineconverter’s servers. We never read, look into, or do not mine any data from your files or their metadata, and as mentioned earlier we do not make copies of your files. The upside is that all file processing is performed by the machine, there is no human interaction with your uploaded and downloaded files. Once your files are processed, they are automatically deleted from our servers within 24 hours.

We do our best to make our service as secure as possible. Theonlineconverter by EclixTech maintains a secure IT environment, and also all the security measures are constantly adjusted to technical progress.


We need cookies to provide our file conversion services.

Theonlineconverter stores so-called “Cookies” that help us to optimize and improve the user experience of our website by delivering crucial functionalities. Remember that the cookies that we use may vary over time as we update and improve our website continuously.

Cookies are indicated as the small files that are stored on your computer with the assistance of the internet browser. If you people do not want to use cookies, you can easily prevent them from being stored on your system by simply using the settings on your internet browser. All you need to remember is that this action (prevent cookies) may restrict the functional capability and even the range of functions of our service.


We use Google Analytics on “”. If you people don’t like it, you can opt out.

We considered Google Analytics to just store the information about how visitors use our website. With this, it becomes easy for us to make improvements and also gives our visitors a better user experience. Google Analytics is indicated as a third-party information storage system by Google that works to record the information about the pages that you visit, the session duration (time) you were on specific pages and even the website in general, how you people arrived at the site, and even what you clicked on. You could even opt out of Google Analytics on and all other sites using a browser plug-in.