JPG To PDF Converter

JPG To PDF Converter

A free online JPG to PDF converter allows you to convert JPG images to PDF files without losing quality. Keep eye contact with this content to understand how to convert JPG files to PDF files and much more.

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Easy & Fast Conversions

An image to PDF converter can help to save JPG as PDF within a fraction of seconds. No sign-up, installation is required for conversions.

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Data Security

Don’t worry, the online JPG to PDF conversion is 100% secure as we permanently delete your files after conversions.

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100% Free Conversions

We allow you to change JPG into PDF for free using any browser or device, there’s no limit to converting JPG files to PDF.

Why Convert Picture to PDF?

Say that you need to send a group of images for approval and would prefer sending them as a single PDF "portable document format" file. Perhaps there are total file size considerations behind converting picture to PDF. Well, whatever the reason is, our free online photo to PDF converter is the best and quick way to turn JPG into PDF.

Convert Photo to PDF (Original Quality Preserved):

Our image to PDF converter comes with a user-friendly interface that specifically best for turning JPG image files into PDF format. It accurately preserves the layout of the original images. This online JPG to PDF converter retains the same quality of the image after the conversion process without a bit of quality loss. Thanks to these online precision conversion algorithms that keep the image quality high!

How to Convert JPG to PDF Online (Step-by-Step)?

The process to turn image to PDF becomes handy with the assistance of this free JPG to PDF converter. These are the steps that help you to save JPG as PDF securely:

Step 1:

  • Drop or upload .JPG file into this online picture to PDF converter. You may also add multiple JPG files to convert them into PDF files

Step 2:

  • Now, tap on the “Convert” button and wait for a second, the converter will turn picture to PDF

Step 3:

  • Simply, make click on the “Download” button


How do you save a picture as a PDF on your computer?

  • First, open the photo on a computer
  • Very next, Go to File > Print or make use of the Command+P keyboard shortcut
  • Now, the Print dialogue box appears, simply choose the PDF drop-down menu and choose to Save as PDF
  • Finally, choose the name of the new PDF file and select Save

How do I convert multiple JPG files to multiple PDF files?

To convert multiple JPG files to PDF files:

  • You just have to paste the JPG images into a word processor document and then send the document to a PDF format under the print menu. 

Now, it becomes handy to save multiple JPG images to PDF documents by using JPG to PDF converter.

How to convert JPG to PDF on macOS?

To commence conversion, open Preview

  • Go to the File menu, there you see the Open option, select it
  • It’s time to choose the JPG images that you need to convert into PDFs
  • You can see the Open button at the bottom of the window, click it
  • Once again click on the File menu and right now select “Export as PDF”
  • Now, add the desired name for your PDF file
  • Once done, choose a save location from the “Where” drop-down
  • At last, press the “Save button”

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Android?

Follow these steps in order to do such conversions on Android:

  • First, open Google Photos
  • Tap on the JPG image that you want to convert
  • Now, tap on the three-dot menu “⋮”
  • Very next, click on the Print on the menu
  • Then, choose Save as PDF from the “Select a Printer” menu
  • Now, make a tap on the PDF icon
  • Name your converted file and tap “Save”

Sharing a PDF file rather than a JPG is ideal as the recipient is much more likely to be able to open it. Simply, approach this free online JPG to PDF converter that provides you the precise conversion quality, it efficiently transforms single or multiple JPG files to PDF files.