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This online JPG to PDF converter allows you to convert JPG images to PDF documents without any quality loss. Once you create a PDF, you can be able to adjust orientation and margins, too.

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Just add your image file to convert it to the PDF document within a matter of seconds. No sign-up and installation required for conversion.

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Your images are fully safe and secure throughout the conversion. Nobody is able to access your files, they will be deleted right after conversion.

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Why Change JPG to PDF?

The patent reason behind converting your JPG photos to PDF is that it can easily cut down the total size of the image. Once the size has been reduced, you can share all of your pictures simultaneously. However, the image to PDF conversion has become a well-known norm for organizations that have to deal with bulk multimedia on a daily basis. There are innumerable reasons for creating PDF with a collection of JPG’s, no matter what you have, you can do this all by using online JPEG to PDF converter. 

Preserves Original Image Quality:

This online photo to PDF converter makes sure that image quality is as original in the converted PDF document file. No matter even if you want to store multiple images into a single PDF, this converter provides results with quality preservation. 

How to Convert JPG to PDF Online?

You can convert JPG to PDF online with the assistance of this free image to PDF converter. The steps are very simple, let’s find them:

Step 1:

  • Simply upload your image or just drag and drop for conversion. And, if you want to store multiple images into a single editable PDF file, then you need to choose option merge all images into a single PDF

Step 2:

  • Click on the Convert button 

Step 3:

  • Now, save your converted PDF file. Even you can save all at once by clicking one Download Zip file

People Also Ask (FAQ’s):

How to Convert JPG to PDF offline?

If you want to convert image to PDF in Windows without going online, then simply follow these steps:

  • Simply open the JPG image file and give the Print command (Ctrl + P)
  • From the Printer Settings, you need to choose the Microsoft Print to PDF. Now, check your photo size and fit that you want for the PDF > click Print
  • On the next page, you need to enter the file name > choose the destination where you want to save the converted file. Then, click Save to save JPG as PDF file

How to convert JPEG to PDF on Chromebook?

  • Make a click on the three vertical dots that you see in the right corner to open the Chrome menu
  • Then, make click on Print, or simply press "Ctrl" and "P" at the same time
  • Now, make a click the change button that is next to Destination and then make a tap on Save as PDF under Local Destination
  • At last, make a click on the Print button and then type a name for your converted PDF document file now

How to convert JPG to PDF on mobile?

Just open an online JPG to PDF converter and add your favorite photo that you want to convert into PDF, and click the Convert button. 

How to convert JPG to PDF on macOS?

  • Open Preview 
  • Go to the File menu, there you see the Open option, select it
  • It’s time to choose the JPG images that you need to convert into PDFs
  • You can see the Open button at the bottom of the window, click it
  • Once again click on the File menu and right now select “Export as PDF”
  • Now, add the desired name for your PDF file
  • Once done, choose a save location from the “Where” drop-down
  • At last, press the “Save button” to turn JPG into PDF on mac 

Moreover, this JPEG to PDF converter supports all operating systems too, like Mac, Windows, or Linux for image to PDF conversions.

Sharing a PDF file rather than a JPG is ideal as the recipient is much more likely to be able to access it. Simply, approach this online JPG to PDF converter that provides you the precise photos to pdf conversion for free. 

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