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Get this online image to text converter which uses a free OCR process to read and extract text from the image. All you need to add a photo to this online OCR reader and let this tool provide its text file.

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Convert Pic to Text Swiftly

Our online photo to text converter performs text scan from image and converts it to a plain txt file within a matter of seconds.

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Copy Text from Photo Securely

No matter how frequently you’re capturing text from your photos since all the processed files are deleted from the server after conversion.

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Free Image Text Extraction

Recognize and copy text from your favorite photos for free with this online picture to text converter, even no registration required.

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Image to Text - Flow Chart

Converting physical writing into digital copy required human labor. Even you can find that an individual page would require retyping that indicated as a time-consuming and error-prone job. But, thanks to an online OCR tool through which converting image files to text is no longer an issue.

Give a try to our photo to text converter grab text from photos and convert it to a plain TXT file using OCR text recognition feature. Once image text is extracted, one can be able to share it through email, embed it in a webpage, and even save it as zip files.

Why Image to Text Converter?

🅰 AI-Based Text Extraction:

We always try our best to provide you with legitimate and 100% accurate results regarding extracting text from images. Our tool is powered with advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that is maintained by Google. This picture to text converter proceeded with AI-based images to text conversions for user satisfaction.

🖼 Copy Text From Low Quality Image:

You can find that the low-quality photos come with different daunting aspects including blur, low resolution, and contrast. They all make it more difficult for recognizing, detecting, and extracting text from images. But, thanks to this free photo to text converter that lets you capture text even from low quality images using OCR.

🀄 Provide Multilingual Support

No matter if you even want to get text from the images with different languages as this image to text generator offers multilingual support. This indicates that users can make text extraction for different languages including English, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portugues, Indonesian, German, French, Korean, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Thai, Arabic, and more.

🖼 Multiple Image Formats

Now, there’s no need to worry about the extension of the image while turning images into text, as this online OCR tool supports nearly all formats. This free to use image to text converter currently supports jpg, jpeg, png, webp, bmp, jfif, and bmp, and is still working to add more compatible formats for user convenience.

How Does Image to Text Converter Work?

This image text extractor allow you to convert image to text with three easy to navigate steps. This means there's no need to do much to copy text from your favorite photos, let's find the steps:

Step 1:

Upload your image or just make a drag and drop for it. Alternatively, you can add the URL for image

Step 2:

Click the Convert button and let this tool start the OCR process

Step 3:

Save the converted plain text file right now

Image to Text - Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I identify text from an image?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) mainly works by interpreting the text within an image and extracting it as an editable copy for the user's convenience. This up-to-date technology is loaded with a wide array of symbols, numbers, and characters that it entirely matches the text on an image and presents it with optimal and high accuracy. Also, you can use an online OCR tool that lets you extract text from image and save it as an Excel file format. 

How do I extract text from a low-quality picture?

This online image to text converter is a free service that lets you extract text from low-quality (blurry pictures), too.

How do I copy text from a PNG, JPG, or JPEG image?

No matter what image format you have, just add your favorite photo into this OCR picture to text converter and let it copy text within no time. 

What is the best free image converter?

Give a try to this online converter that allows you to convert nearly all common image formats for free without any quality loss. 


Many researchers depicted that the demand for AI-powered OCR is expected to grow to a great extent as these technologies become more productive and even cost-effective. You can find that online OCR image to text converter can be used by any device, with no registration and download required. So, it is perfect for occasional use!

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