PNG To SVG Converter

PNG To SVG Converter

An online PNG to SVG converter helps you to transform your PNG raster image to an SVG vector graphics image. Just upload PNGs and let it do quality conversions for you!

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Convenient and Quick Conversion

We provide you the most convenient converter for turning PNG into SVG while preserving its quality, format as well as resolution. 

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Data is Protected

Quit worrying, this authorized platform does not save any data or even any personal information related to your files. Files will be permanently removed after conversions.

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Free PNG to SVG Conversions

No matter whether you want to convert single or multiple PNG files to SVGs, our converter is entirely free way to do particular conversions.

Why Convert PNG to SVG?

PNG or Portable Network Graphics is said to be a raster-based, lossless image format that supports 32-bit color and 256 levels of transparency. While SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is referred to as a graphical format that is designed for displaying 2D vector images and mixed vector/raster graphics in XML. Both formats are very useful for graphical representations, but the time comes when you require turning PNG files into SVG image files.

However, the SVG image format comes with unlimited scaling support allows you to adjust every single element, and packed with a small file size. So, for convenience, try PNG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter that helps you to save a PNG as an SVG graphical format. 

Preserved Format:

When you use our converter for PNG to SVG online to turn PNGs into SVGs, we ensure you that the size and orientation of your PNG raster image are preserved in the newly created SVG vector image files, so it means that they look exactly like the original one. 

How to Convert PNG to SVG?

The online PNG to SVG converter is an excellent way to transform your PNG files into SVG files without affecting the resolution, just need to follow the given steps and get instant converted SVGs:

Step 1:

  • Upload a file from storage or simply drag/drop PNGs that you wish to convert into SVGs. Add more PNGs to turn them into SVG extensions.

Step 2:

  • Make a click on a “Convert” button and wait for a minute 

Step 3:

  • Your SVG file is ready, make a tap on the “Download” button to save it


How do I convert multiple PNG files to SVG files?

Use our online PNG to SVG converter that helps to convert single or multiple PNG image files to SVG files.

Can I convert PNG to SVG without software installation?

Yes, you can easily access an online converter to transform your PNG image to an SVG vector image without any software installation. 

Well, our converter comes with a user-friendly interface that is quite easy to understand, it allows you to save your PNG file as an SVG file in a safe and secure way!