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Use an online AI converter that allows you to perform conversions from .ai file format to and from different other compatible file formats. You could perform (AI) Adobe conversions instantly and securely with this Adobe Illustrator converter.

What is an AI file?

AI format stands for Adobe Illustrator; it is indicated as the Adobe file type for vector image files. Unlike raster graphics made from pixels, vector images do not distort resolution even when scaled as they are developed using complex graph formula that is infinitely expandable. Moreover, we provide the best AI converter online that helps you to perform native Adobe Ai files conversion without any quality loss.

Remember that Ai files provide you with illustrator drawings, logos, illustrations, and certain artwork in a high degree of detail. The small file size and easy scalability make ai file type an ideal choice by designers and illustrators. Besides that, adobe illustrator files are versatile even work bests for layering and transparency where other types don’t.

You have to use the illustrator program to create, edit, and save as a .ai file as it is a proprietary Adobe file type. And, if you need to work with, then simply drag and drop a file into our online ai file converter and let it do all for you!

History of the AI file:

In 2000, Adobe introduced the ai file format with illustrator 9. Before that, the illustrator mainly used the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format.

Moreover, the ai files were specifically created to display vector-based EPS graphic files and single-page PDF files as well. However, the previous EPS file type combined both raster and vector image data.

 You can find that designers can still edit, save, and even reopen EPS images as Adobe .ai files, though EPS vector files do not at all support transparency as same as the adobe illustrator files do. So, if transparency is your concern with vector AI format, then give a try to a free AI converter online which lets you change any file to .ai extension.

How to use an AI file?

First of all, the use of Adobe Illustrator (Ai) file format is depending on the nature of your project. Adobe ai files are mainly used by designers for their certain artwork scenarios. AI files typically used by experts for:

AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector files work perfectly for printing digitally designed images, graphics, and drawings since .ai files retain detail and clarity at different sizes. Once you convert to ai file with this free AI converter, you can easily scale your ai format file at any scale level.

How to open an AI file?

You can easily open AI file in illustrator, just choose File > Open and choose the file from your computer. Make sure that your file has the .ai extension. Also, you can be able to open PDF, EPS, and SVG files.

Remember that even you can open AI file online in other applications, this may convert your file from vector to raster. Also, you start using our online AI converter that change .ai format to other compatible vector file format, then you can open it in your windows system.

How to create and edit an AI file?

An Adobe Illustrator let’s you create an adobe ai format file, let’s follow the given steps:

  1. Start by launching Illustrator and choose File > New
  2. Then, you need to choose your document type such as Web, Mobile, Print, or Film & Video
  3. Make a click on a document pre-set to choose your size
  4. Now, make a click on Create to open a new document
  5. Once you have finished with process, simply save your design as a .ai file type

If you want to edit your design:

  1. At first, you need to open your .ai design in illustrator
  2. Now, stick with the toolbar to swiftly edit your design
  3. Finally, save your image as a .ai format

How to Use an online Ai Converter?

A free Ai file converter online lets you work with simple steps for ai adobe conversion, let’s find:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


How can I create AI file without Illustrator?

Inkscape is an open-source vector software that is indicated as a free illustrator alternative. The upside is that this vector tool works on Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Also, now you could open ai file online by using Inkscape. All you have to move to File > Open and then simply choose the file from your system storage.

Is conversion .ai is safe?

Surely! Ai file conversions by our converter are 100% secure as our server deletes your uploaded and converted files, which means nobody accesses your files.

How long should I wait to convert ai file?

As we provide you cloud-based service, this Adobe Illustrator file converter will take a couple of seconds to convert ai image file.

Does ai converter maintain transparency while converting ai graphic file?

Yes, our convert for ai will preserve the original quality while converting files to ai and vice versa.

Can I edit an AI file without Illustrator?

You could only be capable to edit a few elements of an ai image with third-party applications since .ai extension files are only fully compatible with illustrator.

How do I send an AI file via email?

You just need to package your files, fonts, and images as well to readily email your .ai extension file. Here’s how: