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We designed an online AI to SVG converter that converts AI (Adobe Illustrator) files to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files within a fraction of seconds. 

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Quit worrying, we don’t store your image while converting .AI to .SVG extensions, our server automatically deletes your files after conversions. 

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The conversion from AI image file to SVG image file is provided by this tool is 100% free without any restrictions. 

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AI vs SVG:


AI is a vector image that comes with .ai extension, it was created in the  Adobe Illustrator (AI) program. The AI image file can be opened in the same or similar supported app, it used in SMI and when it comes to the creation of logotypes. AI vector images can be increased without loss of quality as they don't contain raster image data. 


SVG is an acronym for “Scalable Vector Graphics”, the files come with *.svg extension and contain the vector images that based on Extensible Markup Language (XML). SVG image files support animated, interactive graphics and declarative scripting and elaborating 2D vector and mixed vector/raster graphics in XML. 

No doubt, both AI and SVG is a vector image file, but the time comes when you would prefer to use AI file instead of SVG. So, for the ease of conversions, you could use an online AI to SVG converter through which you people readily convert your AI vector image to quality SVG vector graphic image. 

How to Convert AI to SVG Online?

This free AI to SVG converter online will ensure smooth conversions, even provides optimum results when you turn AI into SVG. Change AI to SVG by following these steps:

Step 1:

  • Select AI image file or drag and drop from your computer into the given toolbox

Step 2:

  • Hit a “Convert” button to start the process of AI to SVG conversion

Step 3:

  • Hurrah! SVG image file is ready, just Press a “Download” button  to save AI as an SVG


How to convert AI to SVG with Adobe Illustrator?

An image file with .ai extension is used by AI (Adobe Illustrator), thus you can readily open and modify your AI file with Adobe Illustrator, or save AI as SVG. To convert AI to SVG with AI follow the given steps:

  • At first, open Adobe Illustrator and make a click on Open to import the .ai image file that you need to convert to .svg image file
  • Now, you can be able to edit the AI image file corresponding to your needs
  • Very next, simply tap on the file in the top menu bar and choose the SAVE As option from the drop-down list
  • Now, you ought to select a folder to save the converted file, and simply choose the SVG as the output format in the Save as type box and name your new file. 
  • Finally, just save the changes by clicking the Save button

How to convert AI to SVG without Adobe Illustrator?

You can use our AI to SVG online converter to get the quality conversions from AI vector image to SVG vector graphic image. 

If you have an AI image file, it’s not necessary to buy Adobe Illustrator to open or convert it to SVG, and even any tool to turn AI to SVG. For this purpose, approach our free AI to SVG converter online that works best for respective conversions!