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An online AI to PNG converter will enable to convert AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format to PNG image file format. Get ready to turn AI into PNG by performing few clicks.

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Table of Content

Why Convert AI to PNG?

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) image file is crucial for creating designs, which fall into niche categories. No doubt, .AI extension is unique as compared to other image extensions, it often doing things that other files cannot. No doubt, all of this is really great, but there comes a time when the AI doesn’t consider more! Usually, this is because of the lack of functionality and accessibility. 

Apart from all of its impressive features, the specificity will limit the AI file extensively. Typically, you can find that AI files only opened using Adobe Illustrator, a program that not everyone has access to. So, by converting AI to PNG images, you will be able to share files quicker. Also, the recipients will have an easier time opening and editing these converted files. For conversion, make sure use a free AI to PNG converter online that convert AI file to PNG without reducing the quality. 

How to Convert AI to PNG Online?

Use our browser-based online AI to PNG converter that helps you to save AI as PNG within no time. Steps involve in transforming AI image files into PNG images are given below:

 Step 1:

  • Make a tap on the Add files section to upload your AI file, or drag and drop at the same box to turn AI into PNG

Step 2:

  • Click on the “Convert” key to convert AI to PNG now

Step 3:

  • Now, you feel free to download your PNG file by pressing a “Download” key, if you uploaded more than a single AI file, then download them in a ZIP file for ease


How to convert AI to PNG in illustrator?

Follow these steps to convert .AI to .PNG extension in illustrator:

  • First of all, you need to open the AI (Adobe Illustrator) image file that you wish to change in the illustrator
  • Now, you have to choose the part of the image that you need to convert
  • Then, you have to simply select the 'File' and 'Export'
  • Here, in the drop-down bar, you just have to choose “PNG” and make a click on “Export”
  • Now, finally, you have to save AI as PNG, simply save it where you want

Can I convert AI to PNG on Mac OS or Linux?

No matter which operating system you using, our online AI to PNG converter designed in such a way that only requires web-based browser. Also, you can change AI to PNG on any smart device that supports web browsers.  

Remember that AI is referred to as a vector graphics file, which needs a specific program to open it. Thus, to increase the accessibility of AI image files, you have to convert them to a more general and accessible format like PNG. So, AI vector graphic file to PNG raster image conversion can be done by using an online AI to PNG converter.