AI To JPG Converter

AI To JPG Converter

An online AI to JPG is developed to transform AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector image file to the JPG raster image file. The tool comes with a simple interface to turn AI into JPG.

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Get the fast conversions from .AI to JPF file right now; the converter delivers you the decent quality conversion within no time. 

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Feel relax while converting AI to JPG with our converter since your files will secure, we delete your files permanently once the conversion process is finished. 

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Free AI to JPG Conversions

Keep in mind, our converter will change AI to JPG raster image format for free; even you can convert multiple AI files to JPGs here!

AI is referred to an Adobe Artwork file, which is creating by using illustrator that is a vector-based graphics program by Adobe System. Note that .AI extension comes with paths that are connected by the points instead of BMP (bitmap) image. There’s a need for specific tools to access and open the AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector format files. So, if you need to watch your AI vector graphic image files on phones and other smart devices, you ought to convert them to a common format like JPG. For ease, you can use an online AI to JPG converter that lets you save Adobe Illustrator files as JPG. 

Why Convert AI to JPG?

There are plenty of reasons one might need to convert AI to JPG. When it comes to AI vector images, it is relay on Adobe Illustrator and not everyone uses Adobe. If your intention is to share files, then converting AI to JPG is an ideal approach, you can use our free AI to JPG converter to do so. Once you turn AI into JPG images, then you would be able to open it with Windows or Mac.

How to Convert AI to JPG Online?

This online AI to JPG converter is facilitated you in converting your AI vector graphic images to quality JPG raster images. Just account for the given steps to turn AI into JPG:

Step 1:

  • You just have to upload or make drag & drop your JPGs to the function area

Step 2:

  • Now, by tapping a “Convert” button the conversion from AI image to JPG image start

Step 3:

  • Congrats, your JPG file is here for you, press a “Download” tab to save AI as JPG


How to convert AI to JPG using Mac?

  • First of all, you have to open the intended AI file using Adobe Illustrator
  • Now, you have to choose the portion of the file that you wish to use
  • Very next, you ought to make a click on a “File” then “Export”
  • You can find the opened save window where you have to select the location and filename of your file
  • Now, you ought to choose a format (JPG) from the “format” pop-up window
  • Finally, click “Export”

Can I convert AI to JPG without software installation?

Yes, the online AI to JPG converter is the obvious way through which you can change AI to JPG without installation and sign-up.