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An online AI to EPS converter offering free conversions from AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector image files to EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) vector image files. Save AI as EPS now with this reliable tool!

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This online converter comes with a drag and drop interface that allows you to do instant AI image to EPS vector conversions. 

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Despite open-source AI to EPS conversions, this online converter provides strong security that ensures your files are fully protected from third parties. 

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100% Free

Absolutely free AI to EPS online converter that is accessible to anyone who wants to perform Adobe Illustrator image file to EPS image file conversions. 

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Table of Content

Why Convert AI to EPS?

AI file format usually considered for logos and print media. On the other hand, an EPS file can be used to combines text and graphics together. People often convert AI to EPS vector images as EPS files can be scaled to any size and even retain their quality without getting pixilated.

How to Convert AI to EPS Online?

Whenever you required converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) file to EPS vector image file, it’s great to use a handy online AI to EPS converter for convenience. To change AI to EPS, these are the steps that quite easy to use, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Choose AI file or multiple files if you would prefer to do multiple conversions then upload them into the given converter toolbox, or select all files and make drag and drop there right now

Step 2:

  • Once all the files uploaded successfully, press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Download converted AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) image files individually one-by-one or download a Zip file that allows you to download all at once


How to Convert AI file to EPS file on Mac and Windows in Illustrator?

  • Start by choosing File > Save As
  • Now, you ought to choose EOS from the given Format menu (Mac OS) or the Save As Type menu (Windows)
  • Then, name your file now, and then save it in the converted Files folder

Can I convert AI to EPS vector images on my phone?

Yes, converting AI to EPS on mobile is no more complicated, our online AI to EPS converter supports Adobe Illustrator to Encapsulated Postscript conversions for any device and operating system, only required a web-based browser and stable internet connection.