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An online AI to TIFF converter is an exclusive way of converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector image files to TIFF raster image files. Change AI to TIFF precisely without any installation of third-party software. 

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Fortunately, this converter is the ultimate solution for fast and quality AI to TIFF conversions as it uses a cloud-based server that process task instantly. 

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We care about your files, they’re fully protected during AI to TIFF conversions. Once your files are converted, our server commences the deletion process of your files. 

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We never ever asked you to pay anything for converting AI to TIFF; you can now save AI as TIFF image file for free. 

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Table of Content

Why Convert AI to TIFF?

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) is the vector image file type that taken into account specific groups of actions and tasks. Apart from that, AI files are not the most accessible image file extension. While, the TIFF raster image files are best because of their security, accessibility, and size. If you need to share bulk image files, it is best to account for TIFF format through which users can easily check the immense metadata and even feel safer about the file. Once you convert AI to TIFF, you better know how quickly it will send over an email and digital messaging platforms. 

How to Convert AI to TIFF Online?

A web-based online AI to TIFF converter is referred to as the direct way to turn AI into TIFF, but the up-side is that it includes few steps to do so:

Step 1:

  • From your system storage, just upload single or multiple TIFF’s, or choose them & drop them into the box

Step 2:

  •  Right after; allow this converter to do AI to PDF conversions by pressing the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • If you uploaded a single TIFF, then click the “Download” button, and if multiples, then press the “Download All” button at once


How to convert AI to TIFF using Illustrator?

It’s quite simple to convert Adobe Illustrator to TIFF by using Illustrator, let’s find:

  • You have to start by loading Adobe Illustrator and opening your AI file
  • From the given “File” menu, select “Export”. Now you have to choose a location on your PC or device and name your file
  • Right after, using the drop-down ‘Save As Type' menu, choose “TIFF” and click “Save” to save AI as TIFF

How do I Convert AI to TIFF on my mobile?

Our online AI to TIFF converter is the easiest and direct way to change AI image to TIFF image on any device, it can either be mobile, PC, laptop, etc. 

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) files are best for creating certain brand images (logos and text-heavy pictures), but when it comes to sharing, they lag behind. Well, converting AI to TIFF provides you with a lot more options and even extends the outreach of your powerful images.