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Convert your AI (Adobe Illustrator) file to BMP (Bitmap) raster image format by using this AI to BMP converter. Use this tool to turn AI into BMP using any web-browser on any OS (Windows, Linux, and macOS) without any restriction.

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Turn AI into BMP Quickly

With this online AI to BMP converter, you can achieve fast and high-quality AI to Bitmap picture conversions in a few clicks.

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Export AI as BMP Securely

Your privacy and security are paramount when converting AI to BMP. We keep your uploaded files completely confidential during conversions.

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Easily convert AI files into BMP raster images for free, without the need to provide your email address or go through any registration process.

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Table of Content

AI (Adobe Illustrator):

AI images are vector graphics created and saved in the AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format. They are infinitely scalable without losing quality, making them ideal for professional design work, logos, illustrations, and more. Adobe Illustrator is the primary software used to create and edit AI images.

BMP (Bitmap):

BMP images, short for Bitmap images, are a type of raster graphics format. They are composed of a grid of individual pixels, with each pixel representing a specific color. BMP images are widely used for simple graphics and icons on Windows computers.

How to Convert AI to BMP Online?

  • Upload The AI files by using any of the uploading methods for conversion.
  • Once the files are uploaded, click on the convert button.
  • After the files conversion is complete, you can download your BMP files right away.


Why would I need to convert AI to BMP?

To use AI artwork in applications or scenarios that require raster images, such as systems that do not support vector graphics.

Can I convert AI files to BMP without installing any software?

Yes, you can easily convert or transform AI files to BMP without the need to install any software by using our AI to BMP converter, and you'll be able to perform the conversion hassle-free.

Can I convert multiple AI files to BMP simultaneously?

Yes, you can convert multiple AI files into BMP simultaneously by using this tool, as our online converter also supports batch conversions. This feature allows you to save time and effort by converting multiple files in one go.

How to change AI to BMP without quality loss?

Do not worry about the quality while converting one or more AI files into Bitmap (BMP) pictures as this tool uses a quality preservation feature to retain the original quality.