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This SVG to AI converter performs sophisticated conversions from SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) images to AI (Adobe Illustrator) files. No need to install any third-party software for converting SVG to vector AI.

Max. file size is 5 MB & Batch files must not exceed 50 MB

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This is a reliable and superfast online converter that efficiently helps to turn SVG into AI, just stick with three steps, upload, convert, and download.

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When it comes to files protected, theonlineconverter is an authorized site that never hurts you for security concerns, files deleted permanently once the process terminates. 

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This online converter is a reliable source of converting SVG vector image files to Adobe Illustrator vector image files, but still, it is free of charge. 

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Table of Content

Why Convert SVG to AI?

SVG vector image files are composed of mathematical equations, which define the positioning and coloring of lines, and curves that entirely make up graphics shapes and text in XML format. Most specifically, this vector image format is used for icons, logos, graphic designs, and fonts. On the other hand, the AI file format is developed by Adobe Systems for containing vector-based graphics on a single page that is best when you’re working on bulk graphic projects. Rather than using SVGs, the AI format is composed of paths connected by points. Thus converting SVG to AI is better if you also work on huge graphical representation projects and prefer to deliver quality image format. 

How to Convert SVG to AI Online?

The most convenient support to use an online SVG to AI converter, it is just a matter of a couple of seconds with such a tool. Steps are also simple for particular conversions:

Step 1:

It depends on you either you want to convert single or multiple SVG files to AI files, make drag & drop or upload into a toolbox

Step 2:

Press the “Convert” button and just think about where you want to save SVG as AI

Step 2:

The time comes for downloading individual or entire files at once now! The download button is ready for the process


How do I open a AI file?

You can readily open an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file by using Adobe Illustrator in Windows and macOS. Illustrator is the open-source option for opening AI files as it fully supports the formatting of Illustrator artwork. In order to open an AI file with illustrator, choose File → Open.

Additionally, you can open your AI vector image files by using such as:

  • ACD Systems Canvas (Windows)
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (Windows and macOS)
  • GIMP (multiplatform)
  • Inkscape (multiplatform)

How do I convert SVG to AI on my mobile?

All you need to open our online SVG to AI converter and follow the above three simple and handy steps to change SVG vector file to AI right now!

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