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An online GIF converter allow you to convert file to and from GIF animated or static file format quickly. Now you can easily create gif file from any file format for free with the help of this GIF file converter online.

What is GIF?

GIF is an acronym for a (Graphics Interchange Format). It is indicated as a raster file format that is created for standard images that are mainly used over the internet. You can find that each gif file consists of up to 8 bits per pixel and even can support 256 indexed colors. Moreover, GIF files usually allow images or frames to be combined, and also create basic animations.

It can use the .gif extension for storing graphics and several programs used to open it. Any file can convert to GIF and vice versa with this free GIF converter online.

History of the GIF file:

In June 1987, computer scientist Steve Wilhite and his team created a GIF file format at the US technology company CompuServe.

The GIF graphic format is usually designed to speed up the download process for large images. Even you can find that it entirely replaced CompuServe’s black-and-white format for the file which downloads with a color format. The early GIF file format versions by CompuServe were known as 87a and 89a. Along with black and white XBM files, GIF graphic file was referred to as the first image format that commonly appears on websites. Even now thanks to an online converter for GIF Files that lets you convert file to gif format within a fraction of seconds.

You can find that the GIF format has evolved to provide you with more animation functions. For instance, in 1995, naive attained the ability to loop GOF animations while following work on the Netscape Navigator browser.

What is GIF Used For?

GIF raster image files are most probably used over the web to display the graphics and logos. Also, these files support basic animation. You can find that they are the most appealing file format for memes on social media platforms. Also, now thanks to the best GIF converter through which any image file can convert to GIF online for ease.

How to Convert GIF File?

There are several image editors and viewers such as Microsoft Photos, Apple Preview, Corel PaintShop Pro, and GIF converter free that lets you convert GIF files to other compatible file formats.
You can simply see that Microsoft Photos can easily convert GIF images to the following file formats:

Besides that, now you can be able to convert animated gif frames into a regular image file format with the help of an online converter.

How to Open a GIF File?

These programs work best to open GIF files:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For Web:

For iOS:

For Andriod:

For Chrome OS:

How Does GIF Converter Work?

This online GIF file converter is a simple way through which any file can turn into GIF format or vice versa.

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How do I make a GIF on my iPhone?

If you want to make a GIF graphic file on your iPhone, you ought to convert a Live Photo in the built-in Photos app or simply use applications like GIPHY. You can find that turning Live Photos is something that allows you to make swift pseudo-GIFs with your existing favorite photos. The upside is that GIPHY provided you with more features that let you create and customize GIFs on your iPhone.

What is the best GIF converter?

This free GIF image file converter is the best source that preserves animated gif frames and even processes quality conversions for static gif files. 

Can you turn an image into an animated GIF?

If you’re using Google Photos on Android (or iOS), you can readily make an animated GIF from a selection of your existing photos. Just hit the Library, then tap on Utilities and Create New. Now, choose Animation, then make a selection for the photos and tap Create.

Is GIF a video format?

GIF is a graphic format, it is referred to as a looping animation/video that is packed with a sequence of photos or “frames”.