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An online GIF to PDF converter helps you to save GIF image as a PDF file. You can perform unlimited conversions by using this converter.  

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Why GIF to PDF Conversions?

A GIF is referred to as a web-based image file type that can be either a single static image or a series of animated images. People generally look for ways to convert GIF files into a single document that contains all the images for better accessibility. A GIF image file is very compressed and even can lose lots of data to get into a small size, but it’s possible to convert GIF to PDF to make it a more stable file format. So, for convenience, you simply approach an online GIF to PDF converter that quickly turns a GIF into a PDF file format. 

Get Preserved Format:

When you perform conversion from GIF to PDF with this converter, the size, and orientation of the given GIF image will remain intact in the newly generated PDF files. Our GIF to PDF converter uses an advanced algorithm to preserve the original state of the images. Straight-forwardly, your PDF files come with well-converted images that will be clear and of high-resolution quality.

This converter for GIF to PDF not at all compress the image while converting, so your image file maintains the same level of quality from the GIF (image) format. 

How to Convert GIF to PDF Online?

Get a free online GIF to PDF converter that is feasible for transforming GIF images to PDF files perfectly on the different operating systems. Let’s find:

Step 1:

Upload your GIF (image) file that you need to convert into PDF, if you have more files, then here you have the option of uploading multiple GIF files at once

Step 2:

Once the GIF file properly uploaded, make a click on the “Convert” button

Step 3:

Once the conversion is done, make a tap on the “Download” button and get your best quality converted PDF file


Do gifs show in PDF?

You can be able to insert a copy of a GIF (image) file that retains its original resolution into a PDF page. 

Which Adobe program is best for GIFs?

Adobe Photoshop is referred to as the best tool for making GIFs (or editing images in general).


Nowadays, GIF images becoming increasingly common! GIF image format supports 8-bits per pixel for an individual image. However, GIFs are highly useful, but users might want to convert them into PDF files for the ease of sharing, editing, and storing. So, give a try to this GIF to PDF converter that specifically best for such conversions!