GIF To JPG Converter

GIF To JPG Converter

An online GIF to JPG converter allows you to convert animated GIF image files to JPG image files. Here we have a step-by-step guide for converting GIF files to JPG.

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Our converter for GIF image file to JPG comes with simple UI, just add the GIF file into the toolbox to get’s its quality converted JPG image file.

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Files Are 100% Secure

We use the smart encrypted SSL network to secure your files, no one be able to access your files during & after the online conversions.

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Totally Free Conversions

Our converter is completely free of charge; now you can turn GIF into JPG anywhere and anytime without installing software.

Why Convert GIF To JPG?

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) files are a small, compressed image file format that is best for sharing images quickly online. While GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the image format that can be quite clunky and slow to load. You can use our GIF to JPG converter online to save a GIF as a JPG within no time. Well, if your GIF is just a still image, instead of an animation, then the conversion from GIF to JPG might become easier. Yes, by turning GIF into JPG, the file size will become much smaller, which makes it easier and convenient to share widely and upload to different platforms.

Maintained Ratio and Orientation:

Our online GIF to JPG converter will keep the image ratio and orientation maintain when converting GIF files to JPG images. So, stop worrying, your image never ever looking whacky or disoriented! Our online GIF converter will provide you the best quality conversions that you are looking for!

How to Convert GIF to JPG Online?

Converting GIF formats to image is quite easy; you just need to follow these given steps to change gif to jpg files. 

Step 1:

  • First, upload your GIF image file on the toolbox of an online GIF to JPG converter. You can upload more than one files for multiple GIF files to JPG files conversion

Step 2:

  • Make a single tap on a “Convert” button and wait until GIF to JPG conversion is in process

Step 3:

  • Your JPG files are downloaded, just make a click on a “Download” button and save your JPGs right now

FAQ’s (GIF to JPG):

How do I convert a GIF to a JPG on a Mac?

  • In the Preview app on a Mac, you need to open the file, then choose file > Export
  • Very next, you need to click the Format pop-up menu, and then choose a file type. If you didn’t find the file type of your choice, simply press and hold the Option key, and make a click on the Format pop-up menu to see more formats
  • Now, all you need to Type a new name or choose a new location to save the converted file, then make a click on the Save button

How do I convert multiple GIF images to JPG files?

The GIF to JPG converter lets you turn multiple GIF image files into JPG image formats without losing the quality of the image. 

Well, you ought to set a background color for transparent GIF images as it avoids black background problem that sometimes occurs when converting GIF to JPG.