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An online GIF to PNG converter helps you to convert GIF (static and animated) files to PNG images. You can perform unlimited conversions by using this free converter.

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This online GIF file to PNG converter requires a couple of clicks to process conversion. Just add the GIF file to get its PNG version.

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Once the files are processed for conversions, both GIF and PNG files are automatically deleted from the server source.

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Our online Gif to portable graphics format (PNG) converter is 100% free for single or multiple (batch) files conversion.

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Extract All Frames from GIF to PNG Sequence:

Some of the GIF to PNG file converters only allow converting an animated GIF to a single-frame PNG. However, thanks to our free GIF to PNG converter online that converts each frame of the animated GIF into separate still PNG(s). So, this means you can fetch all the GIF frames and choose one according to your needs.

Did You Know!

When it comes to showing web background through images, PNG raster images make sense as they highly support transparency in browsers. Having an image with a transparent background loaded with huge benefits. PNG is a regular image format, thus theonlineconverter loaded with the best PNG converter to process optimal conversions.

Why Convert GIF to PNG?

You can find that PNG is a well-known image format because of the transparent background which is mainly used to present logos and other graphics. While GIF format is capable to read transparent backgrounds. Also, it's possible to convert a GIF into PNG to use the same image even with the same clear background, but as a different file format. Even sometimes you have an animated GIF image and want to export one or several frames as still (static) PNG raster images. This is where a free GIF file to PNG converter assists you to convert animated GIF to PNG regular image format.

There are innumerable, you can find that distributing a PNG can be a lot easier as compared to a GIF. No quality loss even if a PNG image file is compressed. Although image size decreases, still preserve its original quality. When you convert GIF to PNGs, you will attain a high-quality image no matter at all whether the file size is the same or not.

How to Convert Gif to PNG Online?

Converting GIF to PNG image is quite easy with this online Gif to PNG converter; you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • First of all, upload your GIF image file on the toolbox. This converter lets you to upload more than one file for multiple GIF files to PNG files conversion

Step 2:

  • Make a single click on a “Convert” button and wait until your image conversion is in process

Step 3:

Now, your PNG files are ready for download, just click on a “Download” button and save your files right now


Is PNG better than GIF?

Yes, PNG is superior to GIF image format. You can find that PNGs support more colors and even set bay the patent restrictions. Kept in mind that PNG files cannot be considered for animation, but still, they are loaded with legitimate transparency along with stunning features. If animation is not your preference, then it's ideal to account for PNG as compared to GIF.

Can a PNG move like a GIF?

No, PNG is commonly used with indexed colors and lossless compression like a GIF file, but without those copyright limitations; this means that PNG files cannot be animated like a GIF image.

Can I convert GIF to PNG without software installation?

No installation process is required as our best GIF to PNG converter lets you turn GIF into PNG without any manual intervention for free.

What browser should I use to save GIF as PNG?

You can use any modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari as our converter supports them all for conversions.

How do I convert a GIF to a PNG on a Mac?

There are innumerable ways to export GIF as PNG on macOS, choosing one seems daunting. However, our online GIF to PNG converter lets you turn static and animated GIF files into PNGs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. And, even you can now make conversions on iPhone, Android, Chromebook, and more.


Yes, PNG is indicated as a lossless image format that fully supports 24-bit color. Besides that, unlike regular image formats like JPEG, PNG won’t lose any image quality even if used frequently. However, it seems challenging task to convert GIF file to PNG while keeping the quality high, still thanks to our GIF animate to PNG converter that does it all swiftly.