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This online GIF to SVG converter will convert single or multiple GIF files to SVG vector images while maintaining the quality.

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Convert GIF image to SVG vector file format online with just a couple of clicks. You just have to upload the original Gif file and you will get a converted SVG file.

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When it comes to the safety and privacy of files, this converter fit your need. Both GIF and SVG files are 100% protected and get automatically deleted after conversion.

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This GIF to vector SVG converter is 100% free and used with any web-based browser without spending a single penny, and even it does not require installing any software.

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Why Convert GIF to SVG?

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was created in 1987 to fix the issue of sending graphic files to or from slow internet connections, or low bandwidth. It is indicated as a lossless format that retains all the data contained in a particular file, but they are smaller as they specifically update up to 256 indexed colors. On the other hand, SVG is a vector format that came on the scene in 2001 that is highly suitable for websites. This vector graphic format is drawn from mathematically declared shapes and curves, not the pixels. SVG files can be animated, have combinations of colors or gradients, and also support transparency.

Well, both Gif and SVG formats are used for different graphic concerns. However, SVG is a resolution-independence format, which means it will look super-crips on any screen resolution, it does not matter how much scale it up. This is where conversions from GIF graphic files to SVG vector images are preferred. Thus, we provide you with the best GIF to SVG converter to convert GIF raster images to vector-based SVG image format.

How to Convert GIF to SVG Online?

Our free GIF to SVG converter allows you to convert still or animated GIF images to SVG vector graphic files. The steps are:

Step 1:

  • You can add URL, drag & drop, or simply upload GIF into the toolbox that needs to convert 

Step 2:

  • Hit the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • The "Download" button is ready to save GIF as an SVG vector file


How to convert GIF to SVG using Inkscape?

  • At first, you need to open a GIF image in Inkscape software and edit it (if required)
  • Then, simply move to the File menu and make a click on Save As an option to save GIF in SVG vector-based format

How to convert GIF to SVG using RealWorld Paint?

  • To start, open a GIF image file in RealWorld Paint
  • Now, you can edit a particular image corresponding to your preferences
  • Finally, make use of its Save As an option to simply turn GIF into SVG vector by choosing the SVG as the output format

Can I convert GIF image into SVG on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux?

Our free GIF to SVG converter is designed for user ease, it does not matter what device or operating system you’re using on, it does it all in a few clicks.