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An online GIF to WebP converter assists to convert CompuServe GIF (static or animated) file to Google WebP format. No additional installation is required to save GIF as WebP.

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Simply upload your animated GIF and this free GIF file to WebP converter lets to create Google Web Picture from GIF within a few seconds.

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It doesn’t matter whatever GIF files you convert to WebP, we ensure they are all secured. Your files are erased permanently from the server.

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Our online GIF to Google Web Picture converter is entirely free-to-use. You can now use it anywhere and any place with a stable internet connection.

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Table of Content

Why Convert GIF to WebP?

No doubt that animated GIF files have been used on the web to display graphics for many years. Besides that, if you need to make your images work tremendously over the web, you have to convert GIF to Google Web Picture (WebP) format. You can see that WebP images come with small file sizes and are loaded with high-quality resolution as compared to GIFs. Thus, we provided the best GIF to WebP converter that lets you turn each frame of the animated GIF into a high-quality separate still (static) WebP Google format.

How to Convert GIF to WebP Online?

Our GIF to Google Web Picture converter online lets you create Google WebP from GIF image file in a matter of seconds. Let’s find how:

Step 1:

  • Just add or drag and drop your GIF graphics format into the designated toobox

Step 2:

  • Click the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Press the “Download” button and save GIF as WebP


Can I convert multiple files from GIF to Web Google Web Pictures?

Our online GIF file to WebP converter is capable to make conversions from GIF animated to WebP in batches without impacting the quality.

Is WebP same as GIF?

When it comes to WebP, it supports 24-bit RGB color along with an 8-bit alpha channel. While GIF supports only 8-bit color and 1-bit alpha channel. Kept in mind that WebP (weepy) supports both lossy and lossless compression. In fact, a single graphic animation can swiftly combine lossy as well as lossless frames. On the other hand, GIF only supports lossless image compression.

Can GIFs be converted to WebP?

Yes, sure! An online GIF to WebP converter specifically functions to convert GIF images including (static or animated) to WebP Google image format.

Is WebP better than GIF?

Both WebP and GIF present the same quality at smaller file sizes. But the lossy compression of GIF file is not the best as animated images mainly depends on the lossless format. Therefore, the WebP format is better than GIF. 

Why the animated GIFs are larger in size than WebP files?

As GIF files are considered a lossless compression algorithm, which clearly reveals that no data loss when the pixel data is compressed. That’s the most obvious reason that animated GIF files may consume more space as compared to WebP. 

How do I turn GIF format into WebP on iPhone, Android, or any OS?

Simply add GIF file into our free GIF to WebP converter that allows transforming Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) into WebP format on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android. 

Thankfully, now exporting animated GIF as WebP is not difficult longer as our converter does it all within the blink of eyes.