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Our online BMP converter allows you to perform conversions from BMP file format to and from various compatible file formats. With this online bitmap converter, you can do Bmp conversions instantly and securely.

What is BMP file?

Bitmap (BMP) is a raster graphic file that contains uncompressed image file formats. A BMP file format specifically designed to entirely store color data for every individual pixel in the particular image. As a result, the resolution of images is high quality but typically very large in size, since every single pixel is saved in its original form without any un-compression.

Besides that, now you can convert BMP files on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS with the help of an online BMP file converter.


BMP file format is developed by Microsoft which is also known as Device Independent Bitmap (DIB). Bitmap format uses a file header that contains bitmap identifier, width, height, file size, color options, compression method, and bitmap data starting point. The header supports both raw pixel image data and optional ICC color. If the image to bitmap conversion is your preference, then an online BMP converter is the perfect solution.

How to use BMP files?

The primary uses for BMP format files include:

Storing high-quality digital images:

Generally, Bitmap images contain pixel file form. BMPs save images with a wide range of variable colors and particular details. It makes BMP images ideally for high-quality 2D digital photographs. They take high levels of image color data since they are uncompressed formats. Thus, designers most probably consider BMP (Bitmap) images for storing artwork, and even they use an online BMP converter for BMP conversions.

Supporting the image printing process:

There are many reasons why BMP file formats are considered for storing photos. In addition, these files are also a good option in case you want to print a full-color image. Generally, a number of professional programs are available to edit and through which an image can convert to BMP files.

Why use the BMP file format?

Bitmap format image file is device-independent and designed to be stored Bitmap (BMP) digital images independently to display on various devices and screens, basically on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems without losing image quality. Additionally, the BMP file type is highly flexible because it could be handled in multiple color depths, alpha channels, and profiles. And also entirely supports data compression.

How to use BMP Converter online?

Use our free BMP file converter for Bitmap (BMP) conversions, it just involves three simple steps.

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Is it safe to convert BMP images using a free Bitmap image converter?

Sure! As we deleted your uploaded and converted files, nobody except you will have access to your files. Therefore, all types of conversions on our BMP file converter are 100% safe. 

What browser should I use to convert BMP images? 

To convert Bitmap (BMP) images, our online Bitmap image converter supports all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more for conversions. 

How to open BMP files with PaintShop Pro?

Are BMP files good for printing?

BMP is not applicable in projects that are used for print.

Do BMP files support transparency?

Yes, BMP raster graphic files support transparency, it can be either through transparent color or an alpha channel.