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Use of this online BMP to TIFF converter will best for converting BMP (bitmap) image files to TIFF image files without compromising on the original quality.

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Our converter works online through which you can perform rapid conversions within few steps, you don’t have to download the converter tool.

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We understand the sensitivity of your data, that’s the reason why we come with a server that deletes your files swiftly after conversions.

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Get the absolutely free and hassle-free conversions from BMP (bitmap) images to TIFF images, it works from any web browser in any operating system.

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Why Convert BMP to TIFF?

The obvious reason for converting BMP (Bitmap) to TIFF is the overall safety features. It is noted that BMP just doesn’t measure up to the security of TIFF, particularly due to its transparency. So, our converter is a reliable way that assists you to change BMP to TIFF immediately. The TIFF image file type allows users to evaluate a photo without having to open it. Experts depicted that TIFF files prevent potential viruses and other security issues from occurring. 

How to convert BMP to TIFF Online?

You can now directly convert one or more than one BMP (Bitmap) image files to TIFF files by using an online BMP to TIFF converter. Here’s how it process conversions:

Step 1:

  • Upload one or more original TIFF images that you want to convert, or make drag and drop

Step 2:

  • Press the “convert” button and wait for a while, sometime BMP to TIFF conversion takes time as it depending on the uploaded file size

Step 3:

  • Download individual or all files at once to save BMP as TIFF


How do I Convert BMP to TIFF on my mobile?

No matter whether it’s your mobile, laptop, or any smart device, our converter is capable to turn BMP into TIFF precisely.

How long it takes to convert BMP to TIFF?

Normally, our BMP to TIFF converter does conversions within the blink of eyes, but sometimes takes time to process images due to file size.