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Start using our BMP to GIF converter that easily converts BMP (Bitmap) pictures to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) format. This convenient web-based tool allows you to create GIF files from BMP on any OS (Windows, Linux, and macOS) without any restrictions.

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With this easy to navigate BMP file to GIF converter, converting BMP to high quality GIF file is a couple of steps away.

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When converting BMP to GIF, we prioritize your privacy and security. Your processed files are kept confidential during the conversion.

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BMP (Bitmap):

BMP images, short for Bitmap images, are a type of raster graphics format. They are composed of a grid of individual pixels, with each pixel representing a specific color. BMP images are widely used for simple graphics and icons on Windows computers.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format):

GIF is an image format that supports animated images and can display up to 256 colors. It uses lossless compression to store images, including texts, and is often used in web publishing due to its ability to contain small-sized image animations. The format applies the LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) compression algorithm, particularly for compressing low-colored images.

How to Convert BMP to GIF Online?

  • Upload The BMP pictures into this online converter
  • Click Convert button
  • After the file conversion is complete, you can download your newly converted GIF files right away


Why would I need to convert bitmap to gif?

Converting bitmap images to GIF allows for small-sized animations ideal for web usage, social media sharing, and wider compatibility with browsers and image viewers.

Does this BMP to GIF converter support batch conversions?

This converter supports batch conversions, enabling you to convert multiple BMP files to GIF simultaneously. This time-saving feature streamlines the conversion process by handling multiple files at once.

Can I convert BMP files to GIF without any software installation?

Yes, you can convert BMP files to GIF without installing any software by using this online BMP to GIF converter provided by It allows you to perform the conversion conveniently and efficiently directly from your web browser.