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The best online BMP to PS converter helps you to save BMP raster images as PS (PostScript) Adobe vector images. Turn BMP into PS files in a couple of seconds at theonlineconverter.

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You can now convert BMP to PS by making a couple of clicks; the tool doesn’t require any registrations and even no installation on your system. 

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Our cloud-based system is best if you’re worried about BMP to PS conversions, your uploaded BMP images, and downloaded PS images permanently deleted after conversion.

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This converter allows you to upload and download files for free, you just need your system and stable internet connection to save BMP as PS. 

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Why Convert BMP to PS?

BMP (Bitmap) files are a well-known raster image type that is best for the storage of real-world images. But, the downside is that they can be very large, particularly if the image contains multiple numbers of colors. Thus, it is preferable to convert Bitmap to PS image files by using an online Bitmap to Postscript converter online. Adobe PS (PostScript) lets users transmit image files to one another, even if the recipient does not have the exact program that the original file has been created in. 

How to Convert BMP to PS Online?

Use our online BMP to PS converter to process BMP files to PS files in seconds; hold on to these steps to convert BMP to PS:

Step 1:

  • Select single or multiple BMP files from your system or all you need to drag files on the feature box

Step 2:

  • Uploading might take few seconds, then press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Download the PS (Postscript) vector images right now


How to open PS files with CorelDRAW?

  • First of all launch CorelDRAW
  • Now, it’s time to choose File > Open
  • Now, find the PS (Postscript) adobe image file that you wish to open
  • Choose the PS File(s)
  • Finally, edit and save your file!

Can I convert BMP to PS on Mac OS or Linux?

We designed an online converter that lets you perform BMP (Bitmap) to PS (Postscript) file conversions from any operating system and device. 

If you indulge within printing work, then PS (Postscript) vector images make sense. Use our online BMP to PS converter for turning BMP (Bitmap) extension into quality PS vector image extension.