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This free BMP to PNG converter online is supports perform conversions from BMP (bitmap) to PNG images without damaging the quality of a resultant image. 

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With our converter, the conversion from bitmap to PNG is 3 steps away! You just need to upload a BMP file and the tool will turn it into PNG within a matter of seconds. 

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When it comes to security, nobody compromise! We use secure algorithms to do conversions for you! Our server automatically removes your files once used.

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The upside is that our converter is fully free and easy to use, even there’s no restriction, you can change as many BMP images to PNG images as you want.

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Why Convert BMP to PNG?

Typically, BMP (Bitmap) image files are used across Microsoft devices, although they’re readable in Mac’s Preview application. But, when it comes to PNG files, they’re smaller in size and compatible with plenty more applications; even have the ability to read transparent backgrounds. So, converting a bitmap to PNG with an online BMP to PNG converter is a straightforward process, which makes your images compatible with more programs. PNG file is a more desirable format for professionals who need to edit images without losing the quality. PNG’s is the best approach if you’re working with web graphics rather than photographs. 

How to Convert BMP to PNG Online?

An online BMP to PNG converter is a convenient way to turn your Bitmap image files into PNGs. Get the BMP image that you wish to change to a PNG image and stick with these mentioned steps:

Step 1:

  • Make a click on the designated toolbox to upload a BMP image or drag/drop the image there that you need to turn into PNG. 

Step 2:

  • Tap on a “Convert” button and wait less than a minute for the conversion process to finish. 

Step 3:

  • After the bitmap to PNG conversion is complete, your quality PNG file will be ready to download. Just click on a “Download” button to get your file

Note: For multiple BMP files to PNG files conversions, you could add multiple BMPs at once in our converter to perform conversions!


How to Convert BMP to PNG with Microsoft Paint?

These are the general steps that help in converting BMP to PNG with Microsoft Paint:

  • First, you ought to launch Microsoft Paint on your PC. This is the program that should be built in your Windows originally
  • Choose the BMP image that you are going to convert to PNG, and add it into Paint
  • Now, you have to choose the “Save as” option from the Edit menu, and then select PNG as the exported format in the drop-down list
  • Finally, you can save a BMP as a PNG image file

How to convert bitmap to png in mac?

  • First, you ought to make a backup of your original file
  • Then, make a double-click on the BMP image, and open it in “Preview”
  • Now, click File, then “Save As”
  • With the “Format” drop-down list, all you need to choose the format that you want, select PNG, and click “Save”

If these steps are hard to figure out, approach our free BMP to PNG converter online that helps you to save a BMP as a PNG and supports any OS, which comes with a web-based browser.