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Use this online TGA to BMP converter in order to make quick and easy conversions from TGA files to BMP images for free. Save TGA as BMP (Bitmap) file online without any hassle with this online converter.

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Swift Conversion

Convert TGA to BMP in a matter of seconds with this fast online tool, you just need to upload the TGA file and it will seamlessly change it into BMP format.

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Secure Conversion

We do not compromise when it comes to security. Our online converter uses secure algorithms to turn TGA into BMP. Files will be automatically deleted after conversion.

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100% Free To Use

The best thing is that this TGA to BMP converter is completely free to use. No sign up or any registration process involves making this graphic conversion.

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Table of Content

TGA (Truevision Adapter)

TGA, short for Truevision Graphics Adapter, is a file format used for images in computer graphics and video editing. It can handle different types of images, supports various colors, and is flexible. TGA files are commonly used in video games, design, and editing because they can store transparent images and work well for 3D graphics. The extension of TGA file is “.tga’

BMP (Bitmap)

BMP, short for Bitmap Image or Bitmap File Format, is a raster graphics format primarily used in Windows systems. It stores images pixel by pixel, preserving high-quality, lossless data without compression. While BMP files offer exceptional image fidelity, they tend to have larger file sizes, making them ideal for applications like professional graphic design and medical imaging.

How To Convert TGA To BMP Online?

  • Upload TGA file.
  • Click the “Convert” button to start the TGA to BMP conversion.
  • Click Download and save the newly created BMP with a single go.


Why would I need to convert TGA to BMP?

You need to convert TGA into BMP format for broader compatibility, as BMP is a widely recognized image format supported by many applications and platforms. Converting TGA to BMP makes the images easy to view and edit in different software without any issues with compatibility.

Do I need to install any additional software to use this tool?

No need to install any additional software, just a stable internet connection required to convert your TGA files to BMP pictures. 

What device can I use to make TGA to BMP conversion?

It is accessible on all devices, major browsers, and operating systems.

Can I convert multiple TGA files into BMP format simultaneously?

Yes, you can effortlessly convert multiple TGA files into BMP format simultaneously, thanks to the batch conversion support feature of this online TGA to Bitmap converter.

Can I convert BMP files back into TGA format?

You can easily convert your BMP files back into the TGA file format using the dedicated BMP to TGA converter available on