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Convert your TGA (Targa) files into PSD (Photoshop Document) with the help of this online TGA to PSD converter. Experience high quality conversions with this online TGA file to PSD converter.

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This TGA to PSD converter allows you to quickly convert TGA to PSD file format with just three simple clicks. Your converted files will be ready in a matter of seconds.

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This tool guarantees 100% secure conversion, your files will be instantly and permanently deleted from our server after the TGA to PSD conversion process.

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This online converter is not only fast and secure, but also 100% free to use for turning TGA into PSD format. Change one or more TGA images for free into PSD files.

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TGA (Targa Graphic Adapter)

A TGA (Targa Graphics Adapter) file is a type of image file format. It's mostly known because of its high quality results. TGA files have the ability to contain many color information and are usually used for video game graphics and for professional image editing. They can store images with transparency, making them versatile for various design and multimedia applications.

PSD (Photoshop Document)

A PSD (Photoshop Document) file is a special kind of digital picture format used mainly in Adobe Photoshop. It is like an image that can have many layers, like stacking transparent sheets of paper. every single layer has the ability to contain different parts of the picture like text, colors and shapes. making it easier for editing purposes. artists and designers used this file format very often for creating and editing graphics and images.

How To Convert TGA to PSD Online?

  • Click on “+Select files” to add TGA picture.
  • Click “Convert”.
  • Click “Download” and save the converted PSD (PhotoShop Document) file right now.


Why convert TGA to PSD?

Converting TGA to PSD allows you to use the advanced editing features of Adobe Photoshop. PSD files support layers, text, and various design elements, making them ideal for professional image editing and graphic design. This conversion ensures that you can leverage Photoshop's tools and features while preserving your image's quality and flexibility.

Can I use this TGA to PSD online converter on any Device?

Yes, you can use this tool on any device and it is even compatible with all operating systems such as (Windows, Linux, or MacOS).

Can I convert more than one file simultaneously using this converter?

This online TGA to PSD converter supports Batch conversion feature, which allows you to convert multiple TGA files into PSD format simultaneously. Which makes your work easier and faster.

Is it possible to convert PSD files back to TGA format?

With the help of PSD to TGA converter available on theonlineconverter you can easily convert PSD files back into TGA format.