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An online TGA to PNG converter is always using to convert TGA (Truevision Targa Graphic) Files to PNG image files. Save TGA as PNG file format by making a couple of clicks right now!

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Our converter offers you efficient and accurate TGA to PNG conversions, no matter whether you convert single or multiple TGA files to PNGs, it does quickly. 

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Feel free to turn TGA into PNG as our converter is as safe as it can be, no one is checking your files manually and the files are automatically from the server's end. 

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Convert TGA file format to PNG raster image online and free with this handy TGA to PNG online converter, without any restrictions. 

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Table of Content

Why Convert TGA to PNG?

Definitely, images are the files that we require on an almost daily basis! No doubt that there are numerous image formats, even the raw images developed from certain brands of cameras. However, sometimes you people may receive an image, which is in the file format that you don’t have a viewer for, or for ease you need to convert for various purposes, like convert TGA to PNG for compatibility. It’s hard to convert Truevision TGA (TARGA) to a PNG image file, but thanks to this free TGA to PNG converter online that do respective image conversions precisely. 

How to Convert TGA to PNG Online?

Try this online TGA to PNG converter that is extremely efficient to do a conversion from TARGA image to PNG quality image. The steps include:

Step 1:

  • First of all, upload TGA (TARGA) image files by dragging and dropping them into the designated area, or by simply clicking the add files to convert

Step 2:

  • In this step, all you have to hit the “Convert” button and you can note a couple of seconds to turn TGA into PNG 

Step 3:

  • Your files will be converted, if you just make a conversion for a single file, then press the “Convert” button, and if multiple files, you can download them individually or by clicking “Download All” to download a ZIP file that contains all of your converted PNGs.


How to Convert TGA to PNG with Mac Preview?

  • Open your Truevision (TARGA) image file by using MAC Preview
  • Then, make a single tap on File>Export
  • Now, it’s time to choose PNG as the output
  • Finally, tapping on SAVE lets you convert TGA to PNG on Mac

How to Convert TGA to PNG in Adobe Photoshop?

  • First of all, you have to run Adobe Photoshop, make drag & drop of your TGA image file for opening
  • Very next, tap on File>Save as
  • Then, you require selecting PNG as your output format
  • Finally, tap on Save, now you can be able to tweak the PNG settings, then hit OK to save TGA as PNG file format

Keep in mind that distributing PNG image files is convenient for certain reasons than distributing Truevision TGA (TARGA) image files. Don’t fret, simply account for this online TGA to PNG converter that created to provides you with the ease of converting TGA images to PNG images.