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Using our online BMP to TGA converter permits the conversion from BMP (Bitmap) pictures to TGA (Targa) files for free. It ensures that the quality will be preserved while creating TGA from BMP online.

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Convert BMP to TGA Rapidly

Convert BMP image files to TGA format and download the converted files using this online converter within a couple of seconds.

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Secure BMP to TGA conversion

Security is always our first priority, and thus we designed all tools that deletes your files automatically after the conversion is done.

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Turn BMP into TGA for free

The best thing about our BMP to TGA converter is that it is 100% free, and no installation or sign-up is required for Bitmap to Targa conversions.

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BMP (Bitmap):

BMP (Bitmap) is a common image file format known for its simplicity and uncompressed nature. It represents graphics as a grid of pixels, offering various color depths. While providing good quality, BMP files have larger sizes compared to compressed formats like JPEG and PNG.


TGA, also known as Truevision TGA or TARGA, is an image file format developed by Truevision Inc. It supports high-quality raster graphics with various color depths, including transparency. Commonly used in gaming and graphic design, TGA files can be uncompressed or compressed using RLE (Run-Length Encoding). While offering excellent image quality, they have larger file sizes compared to JPEG and PNG.

How to convert BMP to TGA online?

  • Upload The BMP files by using any of the uploading methods for conversion.
  • Right after uploading BMP pictures, click on the "Convert" button.
  • Once the conversion is complete, you can immediately download your TGA (TARGA) files.


Why would I need to convert Bitmap to TGA?

Converting Bitmap files to TGA format is useful in scenarios where the TGA format is preferred or required. TGA files are commonly used in gaming, graphic design, and video editing due to their support for transparency and high-quality raster graphics.

Can I convert BMP to TGA on any Device using this converter?

Indeed, our BMP to TGA online converter is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices. All you require is a stable internet connection to access this web-based converter.

Can I convert multiple BMP files to TGA at once?

Certainly! This converter allows you to perform batch conversions of multiple BMP files into TGA images simultaneously, thanks to its support for batch conversion feature.

Does the image quality get affected during the conversion process?

No, the image quality does not get affected during conversion. Our BMP to TGA converter ensures that the image quality is preserved throughout the conversion process.