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Convert TGA files to TIFF format seamlessly with our free online TGA to TIFF converter. It only takes a few clicks to convert your files and deliver images without compromising over the quality.

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Convert TGA to TIFF Quickly

This online converter provides you fast and high quality conversions for TGA (Targa) to TIFF format. It just takes a matter of seconds to export TGA as TIFF.

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Turn TGA into TIFF Securely

Your files will be completely protected during the conversion process; the converter will automatically delete them after the TGA to TIFF conversion is complete.

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Convert TGA into TIFF for Free

This TIFF to TGA converter is 100% free to use, and there is no charge for converting TIFF files into TGA format. So, proceed with your conversion without any cost.

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TGA (Truevision Graphics Adapter)

TGA also known as “True Vision Graphics Adapter” is a format for image files. It stores pictures without losing quality, making it great for high-quality graphics. TGA files are commonly used in design and gaming due to their ability to preserve detailed images.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

TIFF stands for “Tagged Image File Format” is a versatile image format. It keeps pictures in high quality and is used for professional graphics and photography. TIFF files store multiple layers and detailed color information, making them ideal for editing and printing.

How To Convert TGA to TIFF Online?

  • Click on "+ Select files" to upload the TGA (TARGA) file you want to convert.
  • Click “Convert” button.
  • Just click "Download" button and save your uploaded TGA file as TIFF format.


Why would I need to convert TGA to TIFF?

You can find that TIFF supports few pre-defined text fields in 7-bit ASCII and even best for storing EXIF and IPTC metadata, this is why mostly this conversion takes place.

Is software installation required to use this converter?

No software installation required, just drag & drop TGA file into this and let it make swift conversions online.

Can I convert multiple TGA files to TIFF simultaneously?

Yes, you can convert multipleTGA images to TIFF files for free of cost without any hassle by using our online TGA to TIFF converter.

Is it possible to convert TIFF files back into TGA format?

Indeed, all thanks to the dedicated TIFF to TGA converter developed by theonlineconverter, you can easily convert your TIFF file back into TGA format.