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A free WEBP to GIF converter online will assist to convert Google WEBP “Web Picture Files” to GIF image format. A .Webp to GIF conversion process is only three simple steps away with this tool!

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Just drag and drop or upload WEBP, and lets this WEBP to GIF online converter provides you the instant conversion outcome. 

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Your file protection is our first priority, feel hassle-free while converting Google WEBP to GIF images, your images are permanently removed, once processed!

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The process of converting WEBP to GIF is free and simple; you just need stable internet & web-based browser to perform such image conversions. 

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Why Convert WEBP to GIF?

No doubt that WEBP image files are nicely compressed! WEBP is a next-generation image format designed for use on websites and browsers. It’s finding that this Google image format effective and speeds up websites efficiently, but the downside is that not every application supports this format. On the other hand, GIF image files are much more widely recognized by certain platforms and even their compression gives them very small file sizes. So, if your concern is to use WEBP image files across multiple applications and keep the file size small, simply change WEBP to GIF by using our free WEBP to GIF converter online. 

How to Convert WEBP to GIF Online?

Our online WEBP to GIF converter comes with a simple navigation interface to turn WEBP into GIF. Just follow these steps to get quality GIF format from Google WEBP.

Step 1:

  • Just click on the toolbox to upload your WEBP files to this converter, even you have the option to drag and drop your WEBP’s

Step 2:

  • You can see that your Google WEBP starts uploading, once completed, press a “Convert” icon

Step 3:

  • Congrats, finally converted! Tap a “Download” now and save WEBP as GIF on your device storage


How to convert WEBP to GIF on mac?

You can save WEBP as GIF on mac by following these simple steps:

  • First, open your WEBP file with GIMP. In the file menu, you have to find the Export As option
  • Now, in the Export As dialogue box, simply change the name of your GIF image file and extension. Also, you can there choose a destination folder for your GIF image
  • Upon pressing Export, you can see that another pop-up will open with few additional options for GIF animations, comments, or more. There, you once again have to press an Export button, and your GIF file will generate

How to convert WEBP to GIF on Windows?

  • To start, just open your WEBP image file in Paint. In the menu file under Save As an option, you ought to choose GIF Picture
  • Now, the Save As dialogue box will appear where you can select file name and destination
  • Also, warning about the quality and losing transparency will appear. It would be great to simply press OK on these pop-ups to finish conversion WEBP to GIF

Our online WEBP to GIF converter allows you to turn WEBP into GIF by using any device with a modern browser “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, or Brave, etc.”