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An online JPG to GIF converter enables you to turn JPEG as well as JPG images to gif images. The conversion from jpg image to gif is only 3 steps away with this converter.

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Remember that each time when you edit and re-save your JPG image file, a little bit of its quality is lost every time. While GIF files are held on to their quality even after being properly edited and save multiple times. It means that GIF format will preserve the image quality even after editing, saving, and sharing. So, it’s right to stick with JPEG to GIF converter online that turn JPEG into GIF file without losing the resolution. 

Why Convert .JPG to.GIF?

There are lots of reasons why individuals need to change jpg images to gif. No doubt, JPG images are compressed and web-friendly, while GIF animated image files take up even less space on your hard drive. Even the GIF “Graphics Interchange Format” supports transparent backgrounds, so they entirely work very differently from JPG files. You might encounter a situation when you need to convert image to GIF, and luckily a free JPEG to GIF converter by theonlineconverter do respective image format conversions within no time.  

How Convert JPG to GIF Online?

An online JPG to GIF converter is a very straightforward process that helps to turn picture into gif instantly. Just these 3 steps are taken into account to do instant and quality conversions from JPEG to GIF right now:

Step 1:

  • Upload, or also you can drag/drop JPG file that you require to turn into GIF image, add more than one JPG’s if you need to do multiple conversions

Step 2:

  • Tap a “Convert” button, you just have to wait for less than a minute to get your converted GIF image file from the uploaded JPG  image

Step 3:

  • Once complete, click a “Download” button and save a JPG as a GIF right now


What device can I use to convert JPG to GIF?

You can easily convert JPG image to GIF file format using a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any appropriate device that connected to the internet. No matter, where you are, just explore JPG image to GIF converter and do the conversions on your respective devices.

How to Convert JPEG to GIF in Mac OS X?

It’s quite simple to turn JPEG into GIF in Mac OS X, just follow these steps:

  • First of all, open Preview and press “Command-O” to open the JPEG
  • Now, you have to make a click on “File”
  • Then, all you need to select “Save As” and choose “GIF” from the Format menu

Using our online JPEG to GIF converter lets you transform JPEG images to quality GIF image format on any OS, which has a web-based browser. 

How to convert multiple JPG files to GIF files?

A JPG to GIF converter by the theonlineconverter helps you to convert multiple JPG format images to GIF files free of cost. 

How to convert jpg to gif on android?

These are the steps that help to create GIFs by using Google Photos on Android:

  • Simply open the Google Photos on your Android Phone
  • Then, you have to choose the photos in the order that you need them to appear in the GIF file
  • Finally, make a tap on the + icon on top. Choose animation – you can be able to choose up to 50 photos at once

No doubt that there are certain image formats, and JPEG and GIF are two of the most popular between them. Remember that JPEG images come with more options for color, and typically this format is use for photographs. However, when it comes to GIF images, they take up less disk space, and even can have transparent areas and can have different frames. You may find that you need to convert JPEG to GIF image since the different formats provide different qualities. Fortunately, you have ample options for image conversions.