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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics):

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an XML-based vector image format used to represent two-dimensional graphics, such as logos, icons, and illustrations. SVG files can be scaled to any size without losing image quality and are commonly used on the web for graphics that need to adapt to different screen sizes.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format):

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a bitmap image format widely used on the internet for short animations and looping images. GIFs are popular for their ability to support animations with a limited color palette, making them ideal for simple and small-sized animations that can be easily shared and viewed on various platforms.

How to convert SVG to GIF online?

  • Add the SVG images to the converter's toolbox.
  • After uploading the SVG images, click on the "convert" button and wait a few seconds.
  • Once the conversion process is finished, click the "download" button to save SVG as GIF file format.


Why convert SVG file into GIF file format?

Converting SVG to GIF is beneficial for specific uses. SVG is great for vector graphics, while GIF is perfect for short animations. It enables creating animated content and sharing simple animations on platforms that don't support SVG. GIFs are easily embeddable in websites, emails, and social media, making them accessible and shareable across various platforms.

Software installation needed for this online converter?

No, you don't need to download or install any software to convert SVG files into GIF format using this converter. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Does this online converter support Batch conversion?

Yes, you can convert multiple SVG files into GIFs in a single go because our online SVG to GIF converter supports the feature of batch conversion.

Can I convert GIF files back into SVG files?

Yes, you can convert GIF files back into SVG by using our dedicated GIF to SVG converter provided by