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An online JPG to WebP converter helps to convert existing JPG/JPEG to WebP (Web Picture) by Google. Save JPG as WebP and use it for your concerns. 

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The image to WebP conversions is not more time-consuming as our free JPEG to WebP converter does all in seconds, just add a file and download it in clicks. 

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When you upload images and download WebP (Google Web Picture) files using our online converter, your files are safe and secure. 

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This is absolutely free versions tool that delivers you the precise conversions from JPEG image to WebP without distorting the original quality.

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Why Convert JPEG to WebP?

It is noticed that WebP by Google is only designed for optimizing websites. WebP files are the core for your site since they made for web pages to run faster without losing the quality. Also, its compression technique will make the file size smaller, but the quality of the image will remain the same. However, this is unlike JPEG/JPG files, they not only become compressed in file size but also image quality. Experts depicted that a site is much better off by using .WebP extension files, so convert JPEG image to Google Webp with a free JPEG to WebP converter online for a more efficient workflow. 

How to Convert JPG to WebP Online?

Follow the below-mentioned steps one after the other and lets the online JPG to WebP converter will turn JPEG into WebP now:

Step 1:

  • Get your JPG file and add it into the toolbox by uploading and dragging & dropping

Step 2:

  • Hit “Convert” 

Step 3:

  • Press “Download” and save it!

If you concern about batch conversions, an online JPEG to WebP converter will change multiple JPG/JPEG files to WebP files while maintaining the quality. 


How do I open WebP?

If you have installed Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera, then you just need to make double-click the image, and it can then open in your default web browser. You can even also able to edit your WebP files by using graphics software such as GIMP, ImageMagick, or Microsoft Paint.

How do I convert JPG to WebP in Photoshop?

You ought to make a double-click on a single layer or simply choose multiple layers with the assistance of the SHIFT key and simply press Export. Very next, you have to set the image format as WebP and just press Export again.

Remember that the WebP format by Google achieves an average of 30 % more compression than JPG/JPEG and JPEG 2000 without losing the image quality. Our free JPG to WebP converter is the best way to go deal with particular conversions while preserving the quality.