WEBP To JPG Converter

WEBP To JPG Converter

Try this online WEBP to JPG converter that allows you to convert WEBP “Google Web Picture format” to quality JPG format. Turn WEBP into JPG within a matter of seconds with this handy tool.

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Rapid Conversions

Just choose or drag and drop WEBP files from your device and convert WEBP to JPG quickly. Right after converting, you can save WEBP as JPG on your storage. 

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100% Secured

We ensure you that the WEBP file to jpg image conversion is 100% secure as your files will permanently be removed from our server instantly after executing. 

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Free & User-Friendly

First, convert google WEBP image to JPG image without any cost, it’s free, even the tool packed with a simple user-friendly interface for ease of conversions. 


WEBP offers lossless and lossy compression image data; this image is created by Google to replace more traditional formats. Even this Google image format provides you with smaller file sizes than JPG as it uses advanced compression techniques. 

JPG images are referred to as lossy image formats, which provide a smaller file size at the cost of a lower-quality image that entirely depending on the compression level defined. JPG raster image format is ideal for complex photos, although they typically not work best for images with text. Well, theonlineconverter designed the best WEBP to JPG converter that provides you with the fast and accurate conversion from .WebP to JPG.

Why Convert WEBP to JPG?

Google WEBP image files are specifically developed to make websites smaller, faster, and even easier to load on desktops and mobiles. No doubt, .WEBP is more efficient than .JPG, but it's noticed that not every web browser or system application fully supports WEBP image files. On the other hand, JPG raster image file format is used around the internet and throughout all the platforms. So, to make full use of your images, you should use online WEBP to JPG converter through which you can easily change WEBP to JPG images. 

How to Convert WEBP to JPG Online?

Make instant use of this WEBP to JPG converter online that straight-forwardly and accurately helps you to turn WEBP into JPG; these are the steps to consider right now for particular conversions:

Step 1:

  • Choose single or more WEBP files or drag & drop them onto the designated toolbox

Step 2:

  • Click a “Convert” button now to start converting WEBP to JPG online

Step 3:

  • Be patient, once your files converted, you can be able to download them all in Zip file or individually


How to convert WebP to JPG on a Mac?

  • Get a start by simply opening the WEBP file in Preview
  • From here, you have to click on a File, then just Export
  • Now, you can pick JPG from the file types, also you can choose a range of quality for JPG image. Remember that the higher the quality, the higher your file size is

How to convert WebP to JPG on Windows?

  • Right now, just Open your WEBP image file in Paint
  • Then, simply move to File and Save As
  • Now, under the type, you ought to choose JPG image format, then hit “Save”

Remember that we never ever compromise on quality when it comes you preferred to save WEBP as JPG. Our online WEBP to JPG converter detects quality vs compression ratio for your JPG files to provide you the best image file with ultimate quality. 


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