JPG To TIFF Converter

JPG To TIFF Converter

A free version of JPG to TIFF converter lets you convert your JPG images to TIFF file image format. Get the quality TIFF file from any JPG file right now.

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Makes such conversions simpler, we help you in converting JPG image files to TIFF files, make unlimited and effortless conversions right now.

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We use a strong security system that ensures maximum online data safety against hackers. We use smart algorithms that delete your files permanently after work done.

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Turning JPG to TIFF becomes 100% free, this online converter simply detects the best quality for your generated files.

Why Convert JPG to TIFF?

The JPG is referred to as a very common file type, which covers a wide range of functions and user needs. While TIFF is an extremely high-quality image file designed for printing. Our online JPG to TIFF converter is specifically best to make the conversion from JPG file to TIFF image format.

 Well, come to the point – if you need to maintain high-quality imagery when sending professional photography or high-resolution files to a print shop, then converting JPG to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is an essential thing. Even though the TIFF image file format is larger than the JPG, but its compression abilities entirely make up for the size. If required, TIFF can easily shrink without losing the resolution. TIFF image file is an ideal format for bringing digital files into a physical format. 

How to Convert JPG to TIFF?

The online JPG to TIFF converter is simple, but the smartest way to turn your JPG image file to TIFF image format. Stick to these steps and make a toss of your choice for respective conversions:

Step 1: 

  • You can upload, drag or drop the JPG file into the toolbox, which you need to convert to TIFF image format. Multiple file conversions enable by this image converter, if so, add multiple files at once

Step 2:

  • It’s time to make a click on the “Convert” button and within the blink of the eyes, it provides you the converted TIFF files

Step 3:

  • Once JPG converted to TIFF, tap on the “Download” button to save a JPG as a TIFF


How to convert using Windows?

  • First of all, you have to locate the JPG file that you wish to convert
  • Then, you make a right-click on the file
  • Now, you have to select “Edit” or select “open with” > ‘paint’
  • Then, in the Paint image, make a click on the “file” menu and click “save as”
  • Now, from the drop-down box, you have to select “TIFF”
  • Finally, name the file and choose your storage location

If these steps are hard to remember, then our online JPG to TIFF converter is the right choice for your to fulfill your conversion needs. 

How to convert .JPG to TIFF using Mac?

  • All you need to locate the JPG file that you want to convert
  • Now, by using “Preview”, simply choose the “file” then “export”
  • From the list, you have to choose the “TIFF”
  • Now, make a tap on “save”

No doubt, the JPG comes with everything that mostly a user could ever want from an image file. But, sometimes it’s not enough! The TIFF image file format packed with so many stunning features that are a reason why a user will stick with it. So, make use of our JPG to TIFF converter for instant and quality conversions to make sure you understand how to convert.