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A free version of a JPG to PNG converter helps you to transform regular image JPEG/JPG format into PNG file online. You can do JPG to transparent PNG conversions with minimal effort.

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JPEG is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group – the team that developed this image format. JPEG image format has become the standard compressed format in digital photography and online image sharing just because of its careful balance of file size and image quality.

PNG format is referred to as a lossless compression file format that makes it a frequent choice for use on the internet. PNG raster image type format is the best choice for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics at small file size.

Moreover, you could turn a JPEG into a PNG with the natural assistance of our free JPEG to PNG converter online while retaining the original quality.

PNG Images Adjust Themselves Automatically!

The PNG image format is also known as a “Portable Network Graphics” – it is referred to as the raster images in which the PNG image adjusts its gamma, depending on your monitor settings. That’s the reason we developed an online JPG file to PNG converter to change your JPG images into PNG files. Remember that Gamma adjustments are said to be the ability to adjust for color differences between different computer systems, even allowing consistent color display across platforms. This is the only way, which ensures that the way your image appears on one device will be consistently on all devices, whether at home or on the way!

Preserved Quality & Stunning Colors:

Remember that PNG files can be compressed, without decreasing the quality levels. This clearly indicates that the file size decreases, but the quality of the image remains the same, so you don’t need to sacrifice the quality for size. Well, this JPG to PNG converter is not at all affect the quality while converting jpg or jpeg images into PNG files online. 

Without any doubt, PNG images support a larger range of colors than other different formats; this makes them perfect for colorful, high-quality photographs.

Why Convert .JPG to .PNG?

The time comes when you don’t have a correct choice between whether you choose to use a JPG file or a PNG file. A PNG is a well-known file format that supports transparency, even making it highly suitable for web graphics and logos, while a JPG file format is more suited to digital photography. But people might need to turn JPG into PNG to make use of all the benefits of a PNG file. Well, JPG file to PNG file conversions can be done within a few seconds with the help of an online JPEG to PNG converter.

How to Convert JPG to PNG Online?

Our free JPG to PNG converter online ultimately helps you save a JPG as a PNG now:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag/drop the JPG image file into the designated toolbox, you could add multiple files at once for conversions

Step 2:

  • Press a “Convert” button to begin the process of converting JPG into PNG

Step 3:

  • Once converting process is completed, this JPEG to PNG converter lets you download your quality PNGs 

Well, follow these simple steps and save your JPG images as a PNGs. The upside of this converter is that it doesn’t affect the quality of converted image files. 


How to Convert JPG to PNG using Paint?

Converting JPG image to PNG image using Paint involves these steps:

  • First, open the Paint software and then press CTRL + O to open your JPG file
  • Then, you just move to the menu bar and tap on Save As Option
  • Right after, you can see a pop-up window, where all you need to select the PNG in the extension dropdown
  • Very next, name this file now and just press the “Save” button to convert JPG to JPG 

How do I convert JPG to PNG on Mac?

  • Open JPG image in Preview to commence the conversion process on Mac
  • Click “File” and then click on “Export”
  • Right now make a click on the “Format” drop-down list
  • Click “PNG”
  • Finally, Click “Save” and select the saving storage

Which is higher quality JPEG or PNG?

There’s no right or even wrong answer! Ultimately, neither image file format is better than one other. Simply, it is a matter of which one is better suited for your needs!

Remember that the quality of the JPG images will degrade slightly each time it is saved, on the other hand, a PNG file comes with a “lossless” format, and it means that its quality will not change over time. So, it’s ideal to use an online JPG to PNG converter to get the quality PNG from any JPG image file. 


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