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A free version of JPG to BMP converter helps to convert JPG/JPEG (image) files to a BMP format online. Simply upload JPG file & get the same quality BMP image file right now!

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JPEG to BMP Fast Conversions

You can select single or multiple images to perform conversions from JPG to BMP. Once converted, you can download images one by one or make a zip file of all at once. 

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Save JPG as BMP Securely

The image files are very secure as we never ever share your images with third parties or anyone. Its smart algorithm involves greatly for security concerns. 

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Turn JPEG into BMP For Free

Our JPEG to BMP converter is 100% free that is designed for layman, no a advanced knowledge required. You can use this handy tool to turn your image to BMP files.

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Why Convert JPG to BMP?

JPG images are compressed file formats that specifically designed for digital photos, while BMP (Bitmap) image files come with much more data and are more suited for printing photos. Today, most systems including Apple programs have the ability to read BMP files. Well, if you have one or even a selection of multiple JPGs but it would prefer to be using Bitmap (BMP) image format, you can use an online JPEG to BMP converter that easily helps you to convert jpeg image to bmp online. Remember that BMP or Bitmap (image) saves every pixel from an image in the file without modifying any pixel. 

How to Convert JPG to BMP Online?

Don’t worry, our online converter is fully secured, once the conversion is done, all the files will be permanently deleted from the server. 

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag/drop the JPG image that you wish to convert into BMP. Add multiple JPG’s for converting at once

Step 2:

  • Click a “Convert” button, all you have to wait for a couple of seconds, and lets the tool do the conversions for you

Step 3:

  • Finally, download an individual or a zip file that consists of all BMP files 

Don’t worry, our online JPG to BMP converter is fully secured, once the conversion is done, all the files will be permanently deleted from the server. 


How to Convert JPEG file to BMP (Bitmap) on Windows?

  • First, you have to open “Paint”
  • Once open, then need to press “Ctrl+O”
  • Now, navigate to and make a double click on the JPEG file
  • Then, make a tap on the File tab
  • Very next, hover over Save as option 
  • Now, you need to make a click on BMP picture
  • Then, simply rename your file (optional) and make a click on Save

You can see that these steps are a bit complicated, but our online JPG to BMP converter is the right choice for those who want to turn JPG into BMP image format. 

How to Convert JPG to BMP (Bitmap) on Mac?

You have to use a Preview for macOS, let’s what you have to do now!

  • First, Open Preview
  • Now, Press Cmd+O
  • Then, navigate to and give a double click to your JPG image
  • Next, you ought to click the File tab
  • Right after, you ought to make a click on “Export”
  • Then, make a click on the Format drop-down
  • Now make a click to choose “Microsoft BMP”
  • Click save, you can see that your JPG is saved as a BMP

Well, there are different converters for such conversions, but we do our best to provide you the best JPG to BMP converter that not only quickly does jpg to bitmap conversions but also gives you the originality of your file. 

How do I change JPEG to BMP file on my phone?

Our JPEG to BMP converter is compatible with every smart device (mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, etc), it allows you to change image to BMP while preserving the quality.